They grow up so fast…already AND baby makes…four?

My dear precious daughters – I already want to tell you to slow down and don’t grow up too fast.  You have your whole life ahead of you, enjoy your childhood, and all of those things that were told to us when we were younger.  Overnight I have seen such changes.  You are growing into your own personalities, eating big girl baby foods, sitting up on your own, crawling and you are laughing out loud at the sweetest things.  I watch you all explore and that curiosity will only continue to grow.  I see how carefully you approach new things, but with such wonderment and excitement.  Your Daddy and I come in at night and check on you while you are sleeping.  You are at such peace and look so precious that it literally takes our breath away how beautifully made you were by our ultimate Father.  Each day gets more exciting as you grow and I know that time will continue to fly by, but we are loving every minute of it!

Avery Update: Miss A is a crack up these days.  She went from leaning on her side to sitting up to inching and then crawling in about two weeks time! We are watching her now trying to figure out how to climb up things like the couch, pillows on the floor etc.  We have a baby gate that spans across our living room and I guess I left a portion of it open the other night.  Bryan was making bottles and all of a sudden he looked down and there was Avery at Daddy’s feet in the kitchen. Pretty sneaky!  She loves her jumper.  She cracks herself up just bouncing away.  She also loves to lean on you and just hang on and bounce on her knees.  She is pretty animated right now and so much fun.  She opens her mouth big for you to feed her and gets mad if you have not brought it fast enough.

Camdyn Update: Oh our little Cam Cam.  She is very vocal right now.  She sqeals all the time! I think she likes to hear herself squeal.  She has been watching sister Avery sit up and crawl and I think she is very jealous.  She is working on sitting up.  She leans to on side and she can crawl but not as fast as Avery.  She is still our little cuddler and so very sweet.  She is still the whiney-est in my opinion and it works every time 🙂  She looks at little confused after eating baby food.  Don’t know why, but its sort of funny.

Emily Update: Miss Em is such a hoot.  As we have said before, there is just something about her that just cracks you up and melts you at the same time.  She is such a little champ.  She wants to do what everyone else is but we find her do so in her on ways. She is not sitting just yet and her crawl is more like a creep.  But, she makes it from A to B in no time and most of the time is happy.  She has this hilarious “roar” that she does right now.  All of a sudden she just opens her mouth and yells.  Pretty funny out of such a little body!  She is doing great with baby food.  Still kinda smacks her tongue to the roof of her mouth trying to figure it out.   She loves to just stick her tongue out at you for no reason.




People ask me if they “play” with each other.  They are starting to more and more be interested in one another. Take a look at Cam and Avery here.  Atleast they think its funny to climb on each other.


And last but not least….Before I totally freak everyone out…I am not pregnant.  My sister in law Amanda, Bryan’s sister, is pregnant with her first child.  They just found out yesterday that its a girl!  So much fun to have a girl cousin that will be due about a month after the Coy triplets turn one!  Congrats Amanda and Michael.  Can’t wait for tea parties, princesses parties and lots of pink!



2 thoughts on “They grow up so fast…already AND baby makes…four?”

  1. Such a sweet post! My Cam Cam is a snuggler and a whiner too. Coincidence? Perhaps it’s in the name. Congrats on your pending auntiship! Your new niece will have plenty of hand-me-downs to choose from.

  2. Ok, I seriously need to see these girls in action! Or even better, see them in action with the Nevels girls! 😉

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