Happy Birthday to me..and so much thanks to be given.

Well, another year older and man has this year made me feel old.  Haha. Honestly, 33 should feel young but we have really been through a lot in the past three years.  On my 30th, Bryan proposed, I was almost 31 when we married, close to my 32nd I was pregnant and now I have 9 month old baby girls who had a blast opening my presents for me.  My only two requests were to have a date night with Bryan – Check! and have help with the girls so we could get our Christmas tree up – Check, Check!  May sound like small things but it was really great. I also enjoyed a fabulous spa day complete with a massage, facial and mani and pedi!  Paying for silence was well worth it. Thank you Mom and Debbie (MIL) for watching the girls while I was pampered.


The girls are feeling so much better.  Their dispositions are back to happy and silly.  They slept great last night, we only got up once…but then…There was the other baby…Our dog Stella.  We have total bathroom humor in our household all the time so pardon if this is offensive.  Stella is a boxer for those of you who don’t know.  And boxers from what I have learned very quickly have the most pungent gas on the face of the earth.  So, picture this…We are resting peacefully after a month of really no sleep and the girls are peaceful.  We are literally gased out by Stella’s toots.  We sprayed everything imaginable.  Then in the middle of the night we actually heard her going to the bathroom (yep, number 2) in the living room.  Its bad enough we change three baby poop diapers all the time but then to have the dog do this is just above and beyond.  Bryan and I have learned to laugh in such times of exhaustion.  We were literally laughing in bed because the smell was so bad and that we were actually up in the middle of the night having to clean our living room floor.  But, bless the dog’s heart she had some type of bacterial problem and hopefully we got her all fixed up.  We have learned if it’s not one thing..its another..so you have to laugh sometimes 🙂

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for that it would be hard to really acknowledge it all.  The obvious is the girls and first and foremost God.  We have grown so much in our faith over the years and we are so grateful for the good and bad times that have tested our faith and challenged us to reach up and grab hold of God and people we love most, especially our families.  Our families are so integral in raising our little family.  I have no idea what I would do if they were not five minutes away.  We would manage, but not very well I don’t think.  So family…thank you so much for being the third parent in this family.  The girls are so incredibly lucky to have each of you in their lives.  As are Bryan and myself.

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes. I felt very loved.  Thank you to my sweet husband for spoiling me at the spa.  Thank you to my family for the wonderful girlie gifts that spoiled me as well as my in-laws and sister and brother-in-law.  I am sure I will feel a sense of accomplishment on my girls birthday.  They should really celebrate the moms on their child’s birthday 🙂  So, mom Congrats..I think I turned out okay.  Hahaha.

Much love X3,

The Coys

9 months and all kinds of new tricks!

I literally cannot believe the girls are already nine months old today. This past year has been one of true reflection. When I think about the fact that I carried them seven months and now nine months later I have these little girls who are just gems I am literally speechless. All that could of worked against these girls being premature they are fighting back and really amazing us everyday.

Here are some highs and lows from the past few weeks!


– Avery and Camdyn in just six short weeks have gone from sitting to crawling and now pulling up! They are pulling up on furniture, the sides of our high chairs that we have on the floor (space saver high chairs are awesome), climbing up on me and Daddy.

– Emily is not far being the other girls. She still army crawls. Bryan calls it like watching a fish out of water. She knows how to get from A to B and that is what is important right now. She has always done things in her own time, but she is very observant of her sisters!

– The girls are all gaining lots of weight. Because we have been fighting ear infections, we have been to the doctor twice in the past few weeks. Avery is almost 18 pounds, Camdyn was 17 something and Emily was 16 something. This is really an amazing milestone from my 2 and 3 pound babies. They are within normal percentiles for babies right now and that is great.

– We are learning to eat new foods everyday. I am starting to introduce them to just holding the spoon and I am impressed how they know what do to with it. Of course, I reserve putting actually food on it at this point.

– We have already started talking about their first birthday party. I cannot believe I just said that. First birthday…I will leave it at that for now.


– Ear infections BLAH!

– Not sleeping through the night in the past three weeks. Bryan and I feel like we brought newborns home again. I know once they start feeling better it will get better. Also, most of my mommy friends tell me it comes with the territory around this age so we are being warriors and battling through.

In the midst of a crazy month, we have found time to do some family photos with our friend Becky. We are thankful that she is patient and wonderful with our girls and captures some amazing shots. Here is the latest. These are just the many reasons why loving and fighting for the best for your family is worth it everyday 🙂

Avery Lynn – 8 months…

Camdyn Lea – 8 monthsEmily Ray – 8 months

Daddy with Cam

Mommy and Avery

Daddy with Em

My girls~

Our little family!