Oh, child things are gonna get easier..and little bit brighter :)

The saga of our sleepless nights continues but is getting a little bit better.  The girls are going to see an ENT on the 14th and we hope that he can shed some light on our ear issues.  Most all of my friends I hear from say that their babies have gone through the same thing, so that makes me feel better.  The girls have been sleeping better and a lot happier during the day.  They are getting more busy everyday from almost standing on their own to just jabbering away!  Even little Miss Emily is doing so great!  She is pulling up and she smiles so big when you cheer for her.  We are so blessed for their health.  Premies and especially multiples have so many potential obstacles and challenges that could lie in our path and so far we have been smooth sailing!  Thank you Lord.  Here is a cute pic of Emily and Camdyn just being “juice buddies.”  We have been practicing with the sippy cup!

We had an awesome Thanksgiving.  We are fortunate our families live in the same town so we did an afternoon and an evening stop.  The girls had a great time.  We have a lot to be thankful for this year especially.  Its amazing to think that this time last year that they were still growing inside me.  I was about 25 weeks I believe.  It was around Christmas that I really remember starting to feel bad. Not only just big, but everything hurt.  It was just weeks after that we knew these girls would probably come earlier than anticipated.  I think of those times and think about how God has his hand in everything good and bad.  I look at them now and its so hard to imagine life without them.  They really make our lives so rich with love we feel so unworthy at times.

I had a fun outting this past week with Miss Avery.  I met a friend and her 3 month old for lunch.  Avery LOVED sitting in the big girl highchair and staring at all the people in Panera.  Its a busy place so just people watching kept her entertained.  It was a fun for me to just get out and spend time just with her. And my friend of course 🙂

I don’t think I mention our families enough, so I think I am going to start!  My sister in law, Amanda, (Bryan’s sis) is expecting a baby girl in March.  Its fun to watch her go through pregnancy.  It has kept my spirits up when things have been rough to remind myself how far we have come.  It will be so fun to have a new (fresh one, as Bryan calls it) around right around the time the girls turn 1.  We will also be celebrating her husband Michael soon.  He is just weeks away from completing his MBA.  He is one smart cookie!  We are very proud of him.  And my brother, Grant, is still working his little tail off.  Most of you know he is an OKC police officer.  The people who protect us everyday and deal with the things he deals with are so underpaid, unappreciated and he still does his best to “protect and serve.”  My wish for him in the New Year is to find some work/life balance so he can maybe find someone special in his life.  Cheesy I know, but my brother is a great guy and I would love to see him have a family of his own someday.  He is wonderful with his neices!

As for Christmas, we finally got our lights up, tree up, Christmas card ordered, and a few shopping items done.  Still have a ways to go!  Our families have suggested that maybe we take a “bye” on buying for our girls this holiday. I can’t imagine what Christmas Day will look like! Wow.  These girls are lucky little ones.  I can’t wait until they really know what Christmas is about and how we celebrate each year is just a reminder of the sacrifices HE made for us to have the lives we do.  Plus, I think the Nutcracker ballet, driving to see lights, drinking hot chocolate, watching The Grinch and others will be blast.

Until we have more holiday happenings to report….

Have a triple blessed holiday 🙂 so far!

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