Tubes for Avery and Em and all things Christmas

I have not written a post since the first of the month and that is probably because we have not had really any down time.  But, we did have time to go see Santa for the first time!!!  We went with our friends Sophie and Campbell Nevels.  I don’t think they liked Santa too much but their picture was classic.  One to cherish in my opinion Stephanie!  We waited patiently and then a bus full of children showed up.  Fortunately, the chaperones were kind enough to let us go first.  We had to go twice because the first picture they printed turned the girls mouths bright blue like they were rockin’ 80’s lipstick.  They had us redo it and they changed out cameras. I even had a mom I didn’t know help me get the girls back out of their car seats.  It was worth it obviously.

It is amazing that we got our Christmas shopping completed.  That shopping took two outings with Mimi and Papa watching the girls, one outing with me and Papa pushing the girls in the stroller and of course some online shopping.  We are really looking forward to Christmas this year.  It should be a blast.  As I said before, I have a feeling that the gift giving for these girls will be ridiculous.  I mean that in a good way.  I think the grandparents are having a blast with it all.  We appreciate them so much for doing what they do for our girls.  Just in case we receive a house full of new toys I have made an effort to divide items up that need to be donated, given to my sister-in-law and my cousin that are both having babies.  We have been blessed that all the girls needs have been met physically, emotionally and financially.  We could not ask for a better situation.

Some fun developments have been that all three girls are pulling up to everything.  Emily went from the army crawl to pulling up and a full fledged crawl.  They love Iphone and the Ipad.  Go figure with this day in age.  But, it does help to entertain with Elmo on YouTube!  I find myself at night singing, “La La La Elmo’s Song.”  Emily got her first hair trim the other day.  Since she was born she has sort of had this Eddie Munster peak in her hair.  Once her hair came in we thought it may curl up.  But, no.  So after a while and several times trying to push that part of her hair back I trim it.  Much better!  We have also ventured out a bit in our big girl high chairs at restaurants.  These pics are from my brother-in-law Michael’s MBA graduation lunch last week. They did awesome and loved sitting like big girls.  I think we under estimated them.  They are trying a little more to hold their bottles, which we love.  Doing great with food but still no teefers. That is teeth if you didn’t get that. Haha.

And lastly, I have complained, had zero sleep and really been at breaking point the past few months dealing with chronic ear infections.  We finally saw an otolarengologist. That is fancy for ENT.  Avery and Emily had tubes put in their ears on Tuesday.  They are troopers. I was a wreck watching the nurse take them back.  They woke up very mad from the anesthesia which they said was normal, so Bryan and I had to comfort and rock them until they came out of it.  They played that day like nothing happened.  Gradually the nights are getting better.  Camdyn is still on an antibiotic and waking up every night so we may be making a third trip back to the doc, who knows.

We remind ourselves that we are blessed that we don’t have children that are truly ill.  I can’t imagine what parents go through on a daily basis with chronically ill children and back and forth to the doctor and hospitals.  It is emotionally and physically exhausting.  Bryan and I have been up all night for almost two months.  He going to work and me entertaining the girls all day.  We have battled through and hope to see light for both us and the girls at the end of the tunnel.

Until the New Year, may you be reminded of Christ’s blessings in your life.  May you be able to share the holiday with those you love, eat wonderful things until you are sick, maybe take that holiday cat nap (I am sure that won’t be on our list), give gifts with meaning, and renew your hope with the upcoming New Year.    We sure will be doing all of those things to celebrate our first Christmas as a family.  Can’t wait for the girls to love wrapping paper, bows and tissue paper!

Much love, blessings and Christ’s love in your heart,

Stephanie, Bryan and our baby girls – Avery, Camdyn and Emily.


Pictures: (Avery – Top left, Camdyn – Right and Emily – Bottom)


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