Restoring order and countdown to ONE

I have not posted since after Christmas, so I know its about time for some new pics and update from Team Coy!  All the girls are doing fantastic.  We are finally getting some sleep around here.  It has taken a lot of adjustment, but slowly we are waking up less and less. Emily and Camdyn still get up at least once a night and Avery is a rock star sleeping through all of it all.  We have some fussy girls at times. I think now we are experiencing some teeth coming in.  On Avery for sure we have some bottom teeth approaching.

Let’s see…What are some of the fun happenings lately….

1.  The girls have now upgraded to the big tub in our bathroom.  You have no idea how this cuts down on bathing all the girls separately.  Plus, they are big water bugs! They love the water.  It cracks us up because they all go for their own favorite bath toy each time.  Camdyn loves this floating tea-cup/sugar bowl thing and Emily and Avery love these wind up bugs.  Can’t wait to see them this summer at the pool.  I need to be in the market for life jackets ASAP!

2. We all still pulling up on everything.  They are learning to open drawers.  They are extremely observant.  Even a spec on the wall they notice and want to touch it.  Avery is probably the closest to standing on her own.  She will stand for a few moments and then realize she is doing it on her own and then sits down.

3. They are becoming very messy eaters!  Camdyn does this hilarious thing (which is not so hilarious cleaning up), she flaps her arms up in down when I try to put the spoon in her mouth.  You can imagine how food can tend to fly everywhere. They love all the finger foods especially those baby puff snacks and cheese puffs.

4. Talking…We are still just babbling but the words sound like the following: Dada, (I feel like all the girls have said this…), Momma (once or twice from Camdyn), Papa, possibly Bye, Bye.  And my favorite from Avery is YAYAYA.  Yes, she likes to just say YAYAYA over and over.  Cracks me up.

I have talked about how challenging it has been the last few months between ear infections, no sleep and just overall exhaustion taking care of them.  When I get out with them, I hear things like “What blessings” “How do you do it” and a frequent one is “You are a brave woman.”  All of these things have made me think a lot about those particular comments.  The first one is the easiest to wrap around.  Blessing is an understatement.  However we look at it, it is a blessing!  How do we do it…Just like any parent, we just do.  I won’t lie and say it is a charmed day everyday, but their 30 little fingers, 30 little toes, three smiles, three darling little baby bottoms, three sets of crazy bed head in the morning, three different laughs, three unique personalities and lastly, the feeling of being a family trumps all the hard days by a landslide.

The last comment I think about.  Brave woman.  I don’t consider myself brave.  The only bravery I have is the amour of God I put on each day to do my best everyday and leave the day with some grace and sanity at night!  But, I appreciate the comments.

We are looking forward to their first birthday in just a few short weeks.  We are planning a party and I am trying to not get stressed. I mean, it’s a one year olds party!  But, it is the 1st and the only 1st, so I want it to be special.

Here are some recent pics! Triple the love, Team Coy!

Avery – Yummy!Emily with spoonCamdyn with baby cheese puffHappy EmmieTypical cheezy AveryCamdyn being held…which she loves ALL the time

Who knew laundry baskets could be fun!Miss AMiss Cam CamEmmie Ray

2 thoughts on “Restoring order and countdown to ONE”

  1. I went back and looked at some of the first pictures you posted of the girls. Wow! What progress they have made!! They’re beautiful Stephanie and yes, you are so BLESSED. Miss you!

  2. Yay! A new post. I can finally stop stalking your blog for a couple of weeks. Glad to hear things are going better with your family. I’m sure the birthday party is going to be fun. Don’t stress-out too much over it. It’s not like they’re going to remember, and there’s always photoshop…
    We miss you so much over here. We would love to see your (and the girls’) smiling face sometime.

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