1st Birthday: The Party!

They always say that a picture is worth a thousand words..So, here is their 1st birthday party and I will try to narrate along the way.  Enjoy!

There are pictures of our cupcakes that were hot pink, teal and zebra.  Our fun little centerpieces (thank you Pinterest) were zebra hat boxes filled with salt water taffy, old-fashioned swirly lollipops and pinwheels.  We had matching balloons on the other tables.  We had fun treat bags for our little friends and what is a party with a huge NUMBER ONE balloon.

You will also see pics of the famous CAKE SMASH!  It was really cute.  Poor Em got the cake with black icing which was not intentionally.  It was supposed to be white with mini black polka dots not the other way around.  There was black icing EVERYWHERE!  Thankfully, I thought ahead and brought extra t-shirts for them to wear.

There are some pics mixed in of our little friends Dane and Cole Francis. They made special Valentine’s for the girls.  Too cute.  My friend’s daughter Kate making Valentines.  And…one of the Nevels’ twins (wish I could figure this out by now) looking very curious at the balloons!

We had a great celebration!  Turned out perfect and we were so happy to see so many friends and family that came to celebrate this first year journey with us.  I will say I was more stressed and nervous for this day than I was on our wedding day..Go figure.  So, next year I will gladly just host our immediate family and a cake and call it a day.  But, it was a day full of awesome memories.  Happy 1st my pretty little ladies!

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