It’s ALWAYS playtime

I have had a lot of people say to me, “I bet you love the downtime when they nap in the afternoon.”  I am not quite sure what downtime they are referring to.  Out of a 12-13 hour day, these girls nap maybe two hours.  Those two hours go by really quick.  You have to decide what is most important.  Here are my choices: Laundry, planning meals, showering (myself that is), napping (I hardly can ever nap during the day), catching up on phone calls, emails etc with friends…Well, they are ALL important and as most moms know it just feels like ground hog day most of the time.  But, we play.  We play and laugh and have a great time and that is always the most important!  All the girls are doing awesome developmentally.  They are really ALL OVER THE PLACE.  We still are not walking, but I am cherishing the time that I have with these wild little ones not being completely mobile.  The day is coming…I can feel it.  But, we adapt and overcome and move on to the next challenge right?


2 thoughts on “It’s ALWAYS playtime”

  1. Oh sister I feel ya. Girls nap about that long now too. I’m one exhausted, played out mama at the end of the day. Dora has become our BFF in the afternoons if you haven’t introduced her to the girls yet! 🙂

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