Officially toddlers

The past month has been a blast with the girls.  I can’t believe I actually said that, but it has been refreshing from the grind that has been the past year of our life.  They are officially toddlers in every sense of the word.  They are 13 months old and I feel I have watched them transform from baby to toddler over night.  Here is a quick update of the girls!

Overall, the girls are loving the following things:

1. Walks

2. Baths

3. Food – They are having such fun eating big people food.  What they can at least with only two teeth each.

4. Juice – They LOVE juice and drinking from their big girl cups.  We transitioned to milk a month ago and not only did we celebrate no formula, but now we wish we owned a cow.

5. Elmo – Emmie is really the only one who seems dedicated to the TV, but they all seem to watch it. I put a little DVD player in their room for those days they resist naps.  I always look on the monitor and Cam and Av are asleep in two seconds and there is Em still watching away with her head on the rail of the crib with her monkey pacifier.  Too cute.

6. Climbing – They figured out they can use me, Bryan and just about anything to boost themselves up on the furniture.

7. Stella – They have recently become more interested in our dog.  They laugh hysterically at her just when she licks or comes close to them.  Stella doesn’t care too much and leaves most times.

8. Tatrums – We have officially begun tantrum season.  And I call it a season because like all challenges there is a season. And this too shall past, but may take a while from what I have heard.  Emily will throw her head to the ground, Avery will whine and Camdyn will follow suit.


Avery –  She is officially walking!  She has always been our independent and confident one.  She is the explorer and loves to test boundaries.  Today we were outside and she went straight for Stella’s water bucket and had a blast splashing in it.  She has also become a power lifter (Must get that from Uncle Grant) and started picking up all the toys, their stuffed chairs and their toy bins.  I think just to prove she is a big girl!  She has been working on blowing kisses (which I love) and LOVES to do patty cake.  I love when she does the “rollllll’em all up” part with her hands.  My guess is she weighs about 21 lbs.  She has really blossomed into a precious fun girl.

Camdyn – Cam is suffering from a bit of nighttime separation anxiety.  Just looses it when I put her in bed at night only.  I have been spending some extra quality time with her and rocking her, which makes me feel so guilty watching the others look at me.  But, I know each of them will go through their own phase and I will make up for it in time.  Camdyn I believe will very detail oriented.  She is so precise when she patty-cakes.  Its like a golf clap!  She still opens her mouth so wide when she gets excited or tries to talk.  Still standing a little hear and there but when I encourage her to take a step she thinks about it and then sits down.  I think she will get tired of watching Avery roam and will take that step soon.  She also loves lately crawling inside boxes.  It could be the Huggies box, toy box and even boxes she barely fits in. But, she gets in and seems content so we just laugh and let her enjoy.  I originally thought of her as my peacemaker but she is very vocal and will slap (not hard) her sisters and then look at me and shake her head.  She knows better!

Emily – Oh my little Emmie Bear. She has really caught up to her sisters weight wise and activity wise.  Her favorite thing right now is looking out windows and making the gesture over her mouth and yelling like you would as an Indian – “Wa Wah Wa Wah.”  Em is still not standing but is a pro at cruising and standing up on toys.  She loves her big girl chair and watching Elmo or TV for that matter.  I have to watch whats on Dr. Phil in the morning because sometimes I see her paying too close attention. Haha.  She may be my one who “Tells it like it Is!” Haha.  She still loves to come sit in your lap and LOVES her tent.  She loves to peek out of it to make sure you are looking at her.

Avery Lynn

Emily Ray – “Ray Ray”

Cam Cam

Well, that is my quickie update for now.  We are about to put our house on the market in the next four to six weeks so we have been busy making lists of things that need to be done around here.  It has been a wonderful home but as you know we have more than doubled our family size in the past year.  We are going to be building a home in our same neighborhood and start construction in the next month.  This is a great neighborhood and it a perfect place for families with kiddos.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the beautiful Oklahoma weather.  Every time I see a beautiful tulip I am still kicking myself for not  planting those in November…

Love the Coys…

Fibromyalgia Sucks!

Most of my posts are about our family, but I wanted to share a private struggle that I have been dealing with for several years in hopes it will be cathartic for me and maybe help someone else along the way.  About seven years ago, I went to see an internal medicine specialist because I had been getting really run down.  I was experiencing fatigue to a point I felt like I had the flu and this was happening pretty consistently.  After a battery of tests to rule out Lupus, RA, MS etc. and piecing the puzzle together I was presented this mystery diagnosis called Fibromyalgia.  Fibromyalgia is considered in the arthritis family as well as categorized as an autoimmune disease.  Basically, (like the Lyrica commercial states that you may have seen) you experience widespread pain due to overactive nerves in your muscle fibers.  The best way I describe it is the feeling you get when your body aches when you are sick OR after you have rigorously worked out and are really sore the next day.  Needless to say it doesn’t feel good and bottom line…it sucks. Anything from headaches, body aches, specific areas hurt like your hands and fingers, back, neck. Basically, I am a 33-year-old trapped in a 70 year olds body is what it feels like.

I have been under the care of a rheumatologist for a few years and Fibromyalgia is something that can be controlled through lifestyle and medication, if needed.   When I was first diagnosed, I actually had a doctor referred to me that would not take Fibromyalgia patients.  He felt it was a “all in your head” condition.  That phone call ended in instant tears.  I have a great lady now who I trust. I have several women in my family who have arthritis-type conditions such as RA that experience a lot worse me, but without controlling this odd disease I could head that direction.  Here is what is funny about controlling your lifestyle with Fibromyalgia.  When I was diagnosed, my doctor and I pieced together that I was in a very stressful job and something had to change in order for my health to get better.  At that time, I was an event planner for a major non-profit.  The hours were long, stress was high, and not a lot of time off to recover.  We were a small organization (staff wise) with a lot of responsibility.  I was a one-woman show without an assistant or intern.  I was 26 at the time, so you wouldn’t think I would be someone at that age with an arthritis-like condition.  The stress got worse when I left that job to join a PR firm that was even higher stress.  I would continue to battle through these everyday pains and stress with the attempt to exercise which they say helps.  But, that is a catch 22 as well.  Overdoing exercise can make the condition worse so you have to find the right exercise.  I did low impact and yoga for a while and that seemed to help when I didn’t have “flare ups.” Try pushing a stroller with three 20-pounders in it up a hill.  May not be exactly the right exercise.

While working at the PR firm, I knew I had to change my lifestyle or my health would continue to decline.  There were days where I would cry and tell my parents and then Bryan how I hurt all over and couldn’t get out of bed.  No over the counter pain meds would help, warm baths or any of the prescription meds I tried except a low dose of a pain medication.  I had tried many of the new medications on the market for Fibromyalgia and I felt nuts on them.  Restorative sleep is something that is very important for me as well.  If you are reading this far and are not completely bored like you are reading Web MD, you know how my lifestyle has change over the past almost two years.  That is where I am going with this….

When I was pregnant, one of my biggest fears aside from the fact we were expecting triplets was how I would handle a high-risk pregnancy and fibro (for short).  Surprisingly, my doctor told me that many of his patients actually felt better during pregnancy.  Aside from the difficulties of my pregnancy I did feel  pretty good!  So, my next fear was it coming out of remission when my body reacted to no sleep, the drain from taking care of three infants/toddlers, lifting, carrying and constant grind of motherhood.  I thought my days of an “outside the home” career were taxing, I was wrong.  I used to have some 12-13 hour days back then, but they were not everyday.

Lately, I have been struggling.  I have had to take a new route with my rheumatologist due to my symptoms being in full swing.  This is one of those times where I keep telling myself that God does not give us more than we can handle.  HE gets me through my day and thank GOD that the girls are now sleeping amazing.  Hope I don’t jinks that.  I praise Him for my family for providing help.  There are days where Bryan will walk in the door and I will say, “I have sat down for 30 minutes.”  Those are key words for “I am about to crash.” A lot of moms feel that I am sure.  Hopefully, minus the ice packs, heating pads, Bengay cream, pain meds and Fibro meds 🙂

It’s about 5 a.m. right now.  The pain has kept me awake again and I thought I would vent so I can start my day with my girls fresh and with it off my mind.  If you know anyone who suffers from  this I would love to chat.  It is really an emotional and physical struggle when you feel so bad.  I am hopeful it will get better in time.  Aside from getting pregnant again, which is NOT happening, I will pray that the things I do to feel better will benefit me and especially my girls.  All babies need a healthy mommy first and foremost! Fortunately, it helps to keep your body moving most days and that is clearly not a problem with my active little monkeys!

Oh and P.S. – This is not something for those close to me to worry about. Overall, I am doing just fine. Just wanted to shed some light on something I don’t talk about much.

Fibro suffer-ers unite and let’s chat about how much this sucks! Hahaha.



Welcome Reagan Elizabeth Bower: Our first cousin!

On Tuesday, February 28, we welcomed Reagan Elizabeth Bower! Another girl to the clan and another granddaughter for the Coys.  My sister-in-law Amanda and brother-in-law Michael welcomed their first child after about 12 hours of labor and lots of family waiting in the wings.  Except for her best friend Megan and I who snuck into the hallway and waited to hear Reagan cry for the first time, which was too cool.  We both had c-sections (and both have multiples..she has twin girls), so neither one of us experienced a normal (sort to say) child-birth.  I still don’t wish a c-section on anyone.  I know some women prefer it, but in my case, I did not.  But, again, not sure if I would prefer the other way anyhow.

Enough about that…here are the details!

She was 6lbs., 10 ounces and 20 inches long.  The first thing noticed….Her hair..a good amount of it and it was dark.  Daddy Michael has dark hair, so we knew this was probably in the cards.  Amanda did beautifully and baby Reagan is doing fantastic.

One thing I did remember (when I had the girls and came out of recovery) is that at Mercy hospital they play a lullaby in the hallway after a baby is born.  I heard the lullaby after Reagan was born and then it was sort of a memory that came rushing in. I remember them playing it three times in a row when the girls were born.  Gave me goosebumps.  Also, when I heard Reagan cry like a little baby kitten took me back to the girls being born. They all sounded like little cats!

I got to help change her the next day so she could have her picture taken in the hospital.  I almost forgot how it felt to hold a baby that small and change those tiny little diapers.  I came home and hugged my babies so hard. I loved when they were babies, but it has been a lot of fun lately watching them grow and change into little toddlers.

I hope my girls are good cousins by the time Regulator (as Bryan now calls her) can play. They are at a stage where they are getting a little rough with each other.  Hair pulling, slapping and tackling.  Worries me a tad but most of my friends say this is normal.

Anyhow, congrats my sweet sister and brother for gracing us with a beautiful little niece! I am so excited we added Aunt and Uncle to our resume. Congrats to a beautiful new little family.  It’s a love story at first sight..I told ya so 🙂

P.S. Anyone else notice how great her hair still looks!  She still looked so pretty even after all that work!