They can’t be contained!

 As I stated before, the girls are at an age where there is just no containing them.  They are climbing, running, crawling to and on anything they can think to try for the first time.  They are testing their own boundaries and of course our boundaries.  It reminds me of my old basketball days (when I was in middle school, haha), staying in a constant defensive stance so I can cover all my “players.”  But, the more freedom they have the happier babies they are becoming so we take the good with the exhausting.

We have tried all kinds of new things lately.  The pictures are proof of our new world opening up.

My aunt Pam brought them their first suckers last week.  I was a little nervous at first about how they would handle that, but they absolutely love it.  Of course, we watched them like hawks so no one would fall with it in their mouths. And lucky for us they were blue!

We also have adopted our first “babies.”  It was the first time I took them into Target that they were attempting to pull things off the shelves.  Like it was not bad enough that I was searching all the aisles for missing shoes they pulled off their feet all while strangers starred at me.  I am slowly getting over the awes and starring in public.

Avery with two babies.  Hmmm, if she only knew how Mommy had three babies!

Em pointing at the baby’s eye.  We are all pointing a lot lately.  They are so smart to figure out facial features! Not too fun when they want to stick their little fingers in YOUR eye or mouth. That gets really old, plus it doesn’t feel that great but they think its hilarious.

Our last fun thing we have experienced is our new little water table.  What is a water table?  Well, very simple…It a big round plastic basin on legs and you put water in it.  Sounds fun right? You have no idea! Camdyn loves it the most!

Avery is really too much of a busy body to stay at the table long. She is the one I am chasing all over the yard.

We can’t wait for the pool this summer. Scary huh?  I think I will need a life jacket of a different kind myself! Save me now!

Lots of love as always,

The Coys

Sometimes you have to laugh, even when you don’t really want to…

As our story of chaos or somewhat organized chaos continues, I have to admit there are certain times we just have to laugh.  Between the horrible sleep in the past 14 months, ear infections, colds, teething etc., we have learned to battle through and stick to the saying, “This too shall pass.” It really is amazing how you just keep going when in your mind you are literally shutting down.  These girls are the happiest little ones.   So full of energy.  Climbing on EVERYTHING.  Makes my heart even smile.  BUT…There are those moments when you choose a mommy melt down or a shining moment and some giggles to calm you down.  Lately, we are taking like two walks a day, a trip for a coke or ice cream, switching from room to room all day just so we can exercise some energy.  We get bored really quick and they want to be so independent.  As hard as it is sometimes, I am so proud of their progress and I look back at those days when I first saw my two and three-pound girls and just can’t believe it when I watch them sometimes.  It is pure magic!

Quick Update:

– Avery and Camdyn smiled at us about a week ago and there were a whole mouth full of upper teeth coming in!  It was actually kind of creepy cute.  The two bottom ones I have been fans of.

– We officially have two walkers!!! Avery is running and Camdyn is not getting the hang of walking more than crawling.  Em is working on standing more but is still speedy on the floor.

– All the girls love to shake their heads “NO.” Shocker.

– Love waving “Bye Bye.”

– Still mumbling words we don’t quite understand other than “Momma” and “Dada.”

– As I stated before, they are climbing on everything.  The diaper boxes (obviously we buy in the packs of 100 or more) are a favorite to sit on and climb on.

– Love yelling into cups and hear their voices echo.

– Really like putting buckets on their heads.

– Unfortunately, they still really like to almost bite their sisters and literally push them over.  Still trying to figure out how to deal with this.  One day they will love each other 🙂

– Absolutely LOVE Elmo. They point to the TV when I say, “Wanna watch Elmo.”  Our favorite is in the car when we go for a drive to get a Coke (for mommy and daddy) and they watch Elmo in the car.  I have the songs in my head, “This is a song about Elmo…Elmo, Elmo, Elmo…”

– Loved their first experience playing at a water table and in a baby bounce house at their friend Rex Welker’s house.  They were like little boys getting all wet and muddy but so incredibly happy.

So, here is our latest funnt story of our trio.  I know most moms can relate and have more than likely experienced this.  If the subject of poop bothers you then you may want to stop reading and wait for my next update 🙂

A typical night for the Coy girls is that Daddy gets home between 5 – 5:30.  We feed the girls and usually have to take turns eating ourselves.  They won’t sit still for two seconds to let us eat together but someday we will get that back.  We play after we eat and then take a walk.  After walk is a bath.  After a bath is a bottle.  And after a bottle is usually chaos to go to bed.  Some nights better than others.  I want to say to them, “Have you not had enough today, because I have!”

The girls have started to get a little cold, yes, all of them.  So Sunday morning after being up with Avery most of the night because she had a hard time breathing out of her nose, we decided to maybe try a morning bath to get them uncongested and happy.  We strip them down, get the water ready and Bryan takes one of the girls, while I bring the other, and then go back for the last one.  By the time I got back to the tub with Camdyn, Emily had pooped all in the bath tub.  So, we went fishing for poop and as we went to get Avery and Em out of the tub, someone pooped again.  Bryan and I are yelling about who is going to fish out the poop as we are laughing.  Honestly, I can’t believe we were laughing either.  As I put Camdyn down to drain and clean the tub with little naked hineys crawling and walking all over our bathroom I look over…Camdyn is squatting like champ on our bath mat…pooping.  We laughed some more because getting upset would seem silly.  We finally got all the girls cleaned up in the other bathtub, our tub Clorox’ed and girls down for a morning nap.  All in a day’s work.

I know most parents experience all these little hiccups along the way, but it is thrice as funny with triplets.  Sometimes not “HAHA” funny, but this time it purely was funny. I didn’t want to laugh because I feel like we can’t even get a break.  But, then I looked at my girls precious little faces fast asleep in their jammies and exhaled.  I told Bryan, “We are pretty good at this you know..”  He agreed.  And then we took a nap.

Triple the laughs,

The Coys

Kids do the funniest things, like this….

And then they look like such big girls when they pose for me like this…..


Em says, “No pictures please..”


Already practicing the “sorority” group photo pose

We always seem to get some cute pics at night in our jammies…

Always sneakin’ Miss A

Cam’s sweet smile

Yes, we have our moments..

For all those folks that say things like, “better you than me,” “I don’t envy you,” “bless your heart,” well…Yes, better me than you, you should envy me and my heart is the most blessed of anyone you will meet!  Hardest job in the work but biggest rewards.  Love, the Coys…

Happy Easter 2012

As Christians we celebrate the day that Christ has risen and opened the door to the acknowledgement of all miracles in life!  My three miracles are living proof of Christ’s love and sacrifice.  We did not see the Easter bunny this year or attend church.  It is still hard to get our act together on holidays, but fortunately our families live so close that we can make pit stops at both sites in one day.  We had the girls tear through their Easter baskets this morning.  They loved the tissue paper most of all and the plastic eggs that had puffs hidden inside.

Avery found the egg!

Em and Cam looking through baskets

Em liking the tissue the best!

“Look Mom, More Elmo!”

Mommy and Avery

Cam with a new Dora book

Happy Easter from the Coy family!