Happy Easter 2012

As Christians we celebrate the day that Christ has risen and opened the door to the acknowledgement of all miracles in life!  My three miracles are living proof of Christ’s love and sacrifice.  We did not see the Easter bunny this year or attend church.  It is still hard to get our act together on holidays, but fortunately our families live so close that we can make pit stops at both sites in one day.  We had the girls tear through their Easter baskets this morning.  They loved the tissue paper most of all and the plastic eggs that had puffs hidden inside.

Avery found the egg!

Em and Cam looking through baskets

Em liking the tissue the best!

“Look Mom, More Elmo!”

Mommy and Avery

Cam with a new Dora book

Happy Easter from the Coy family!

1 thought on “Happy Easter 2012”

  1. What a wonderful family……………….You are really blessed. Now Diana know why I love my grandchildren so much and talk about nothing but them. Cherish every minute! ! !

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