Kids do the funniest things, like this….

And then they look like such big girls when they pose for me like this…..


Em says, “No pictures please..”


Already practicing the “sorority” group photo pose

We always seem to get some cute pics at night in our jammies…

Always sneakin’ Miss A

Cam’s sweet smile

Yes, we have our moments..

For all those folks that say things like, “better you than me,” “I don’t envy you,” “bless your heart,” well…Yes, better me than you, you should envy me and my heart is the most blessed of anyone you will meet!  Hardest job in the work but biggest rewards.  Love, the Coys…

2 thoughts on “Kids do the funniest things, like this….”

  1. They are so precious and yes…you all are very blessed and I know you realize it. Probably the most fun time in my life has been when my kids were little and now it’s great having a grandbaby and one on the way! The rewards are worth every bit of effort that goes in to it.
    I get blessed every time I read your blog. Thanks for sharing your lives with us!

  2. I just stumbled across your blog. So I realize this post is old but had to stop and comment. I have two and half year old twins and a 13 month old. It does amaze me when people say “bless your heart”. I have always felt sorry for them in a way because I just want to say no, bless your heart for not getting to experience this amazing gift of multiples. There is nothing in this world quite like it. Yes it is EXTREMELY difficult at times, but I wouldn’t trade one second it!

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