They can’t be contained!

 As I stated before, the girls are at an age where there is just no containing them.  They are climbing, running, crawling to and on anything they can think to try for the first time.  They are testing their own boundaries and of course our boundaries.  It reminds me of my old basketball days (when I was in middle school, haha), staying in a constant defensive stance so I can cover all my “players.”  But, the more freedom they have the happier babies they are becoming so we take the good with the exhausting.

We have tried all kinds of new things lately.  The pictures are proof of our new world opening up.

My aunt Pam brought them their first suckers last week.  I was a little nervous at first about how they would handle that, but they absolutely love it.  Of course, we watched them like hawks so no one would fall with it in their mouths. And lucky for us they were blue!

We also have adopted our first “babies.”  It was the first time I took them into Target that they were attempting to pull things off the shelves.  Like it was not bad enough that I was searching all the aisles for missing shoes they pulled off their feet all while strangers starred at me.  I am slowly getting over the awes and starring in public.

Avery with two babies.  Hmmm, if she only knew how Mommy had three babies!

Em pointing at the baby’s eye.  We are all pointing a lot lately.  They are so smart to figure out facial features! Not too fun when they want to stick their little fingers in YOUR eye or mouth. That gets really old, plus it doesn’t feel that great but they think its hilarious.

Our last fun thing we have experienced is our new little water table.  What is a water table?  Well, very simple…It a big round plastic basin on legs and you put water in it.  Sounds fun right? You have no idea! Camdyn loves it the most!

Avery is really too much of a busy body to stay at the table long. She is the one I am chasing all over the yard.

We can’t wait for the pool this summer. Scary huh?  I think I will need a life jacket of a different kind myself! Save me now!

Lots of love as always,

The Coys

1 thought on “They can’t be contained!”

  1. Throughly enjoying these precious updates. I can!t wait for their first trip to Chucky Cheese! ,,,bet I’m going to have to wait a while for that one.

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