Friday Fun Days!

Everyday is a fun day with these three! Here are a few recent pics to share for our Friday 🙂 Above is all the girls (Almost 15 months) in their hippo chairs watching Elmo in their Elmo t-shirts.

Em likes Elmo the best! Can you tell?

Camdyn Lea

Miss Cheeseball herself is a little calm here…Probably the part where Elmo asks Dorothy or asks a baby a question 🙂 – Avery Lynn

A few snapshots I took today outside while they looked cute…Interesting chasing three in the backyard, but like  most kiddos they love it outside.

Cam Cam has the sweetest smile

Avery up to no good!

“Momma, look at the flowers in my hands”

Emily right before you grabbed a handful of that dirt and put it in her mouth. Yuck!

Avery just chillin on the porch

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Triple TGIF!!!

the Coys

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