Let the summer fun begin!

So, that is Emmie at the top.  Think she is excited about the water?  Man, this little one LOVES the water.  She even loves to drink the water out of the water table, bath tub, swimming pool.  Yuck, but she thinks it’s so funny.  She even tries to put her face in the water which I can’t believe.  Emily is still my little petite thang.  All the girls are, but she has come a long way from a two pounder.  We are celebrating her recent strides in walking.  Still taking four or five steps to get the hang of it before she takes off, but she is walking!  At her last appointment she was still only 17.5 pounds which is only in the fifth percentile, but she is in 25-50% for height.  Doc was not worried at all and said she is “perfectly proportioned.”  I like that.  We are so proud of Em.  Of all the things that could have been, especially with her, she is such a special little soul.   I think she may be my engineer.  She really look intently at things like books and videos.  She also uses her hands and fingers very precisely to pick something up, move something, almost as if she thought it out before she reacted.  Smart girl.  We are having a tough time with sleep with her.  She is getting teeth one at a time, so I can’t imagine how irritable that makes her.  I don’t think I could sleep either.

Avery, my wild woman, is into literally everything. She can open doors which is a real treat these days.  We have to lock ourselves into the playroom so she won’t disappear all of a sudden.  Lately, she started a really funny routine.  We say, “You ready to take a nap?”  And I could not believe my eyes when those little feet marched into her room by her crib.  I thought it was a fluke at first, but we have said it more than once and right on cue there she goes…leading the pack and the little ducklings behind her.  Precious if I may say.  Avery was 20 pounds even and 31.5 inches.  Doc said she is in the 90 percentile for height!  I joked saying that I may have a supermodel on my hands.  Skinny and tall.  Bryan said, “Looks like she gets that from Grant.”  Uncle Grant is 6’7!  Hopefully she is not that tall. hehe.  Not to say the other girls don’t have personality, because they do, but Avery has a BIG personality.  She wants to make sure someone is watching her do something special and just loves to entertain.  She is the first to get upset if I tell her she can’t do something.  Her smile has changed so much because she has four top teeth and two bottom teeth now.  So cute.  All the girls also have this precious curly hair.  I love it.

And our sweet Cam Cam…She is defiantly my sensitive one…Still.  Still loves to be held and cries more often than the other girls.  But, she does have a temper.  Doesn’t like to be picked on at all.  Will flap her arms and sometimes I catch her slapping a sister, which I have to quickly object to.  Recently, she took her first nose dive right into the concrete.  She was pretty tough getting up but then I saw her face.  Luckily, it healed quickly.  Kids are so resilient.   Through it all, she is still our best sleeper.  She had a little separation anxiety at night a few months ago but is sleeping like a rock star.  She is turning into a very picky eater.  Reminds me of…Me.  She sort of examines her food and dissects it.  Gets this cringing look on her face like she just tasted feet or dirt.  She is always my first I hear in the morning.  She is has a very distinct squeal.  She is always happy in the morning too.   Cam also has six teeth.  Four on top and two on the bottom.  Trust me, the crib shows how hard they have been working on those teeth.  My little chipmunks!  She was 19.6 and 29.5 inches at our last appointment.

Two other big milestones coming up in June are the fact that I will spend my first nights away from them.  Bryan and I are going on a mini vacation for a weekend.  I am very much looking forward to it, but even after almost 16 months I know I will miss them so much.  I don’t know what to do in  my day without my girls.  The second which will be even harder is that they are doing a summer Mother’s Day Out program.  Everyone says, “You will love the time to yourself,” or “You will be so glad you did this,” OR “They are going to do great.”  I think I am most anxious about strangers watching the girls and secondly, rediscovering what “I” like to do with my time.  You know, besides go to Target, two walks a day etc..  Some days I wonder if they are too young to go and others I know I have to do this for me also to be a better mom, a better woman.

In other news, we are trying to sell our house and starting a new one.  Very exciting, but a lot of change.  Fortunately it is all positive right now 🙂

Here are some cute pics from today…Obviously, we LOVE popsicles. (Avery, Cam and Em with popsicles) (Hilarious pic of Em in the pool) (My three Amigas!)

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