Happy Daddy’s Day…Dada

The picture above is the gift the girls gave to their Dada for Father’s Day.  They are stepping stones for our next house to place in the garden.  Bryan loves all things landscaping, so I thought this would be a perfect hand made craft.  It was interesting trying to get their handprints in there, but I think it turned out pretty cute!

We had a great weekend (much better than Mother’s Day, which we all spent sick this year) to celebrate Father’s Day.  We had a great lunch with my family at a restaurant, which is always interesting.  The girls do pretty good for 16 month olds that just want “down.”  We got to go out that night and have a nice dinner thanks to Mimi and Papa watching the girls.  And today, Bryan got to play golf with his dad and we spent the evening with his family.  Jam packed weekend but we would not have it any other way!  We are so lucky to have family in town.

Last Father’s Day was probably such a blur. I know my Mother’s Day was.. We were new parents and the girls were only five months old.  This picture is Bryan’s first Father’s Day last year.  Look at those little bald headed cuties!

We survived year one and we are sliding into year two a lot nicer than the “babies” stage.  We are having so much fun with the girls right now.  I know Bryan was so excited to see the girls pick up a little basketball and shoot it into a mini basketball goal.  Thanks to his aunt and uncle they can practice more with Coach Dad.  Bryan is such an amazing Dada (as the girls call him).  First thing in the morning before he goes to work the girls get to hear his voice in their rooms as he says, “CHEWIESSSSSS.”  If you know my husband, he has nicknames for everyone and his girls are not the exception. That is one thing I adore about him is the funny stuff he comes up with.  The girls may not like him calling them “chewies” or “Cam Shack” or “Emmie Bear” or any other nickname when they are teenagers, but they think its so funny now.  Here is a recent picture of Bryan with the girls.   Think they have grown a bit?

And..after the girls have had enough of me all day long, they get to hear his happy voice come in the door.  The girls now run to the door with their arms in the air ready to be picked up and hugged by DADA.  Bryan and I have sure battled through the first year with tears, fears, joy, happiness, frustration, many many sleepless nights and many moments where we lay in bed after the girls are asleep and we say how lucky we are to have such a beautiful little family.  Bryan will send me text messages during the day sometimes that will tell me how he is the luckiest man and how blessed he is to have this family.  We are blessed to have such a great man to lead our family.  The girls will turn to you as an example of the most important man in their life.  They will measure the boys in their life next to you.  They will cry to you when one has broken their heart.  They will hopefully play a sport you can cheer them on at.  They will come to you to be the voice of reason when I am too worrisome..wait..I think you will worry as much as I will :).  They will look up to you for so many things and I know you will show them a positive example in their life.  And one of those days…You will have the privelage of walking three young women down the aisle.  A moment I think every Daddy and Daughter cherish. I know I did.  Bryan, thank you for being a great father, husband and provider for our family.   We look forward to so many more memories in the future!

Daddy and Avery


 And a Happy Father’s Day to my Dada : )  It is so much fun to watch my Dad be a Granddad (Papa).  He is so wonderful with the girls and it has only made our relationship that much more special to be able to raise them together as a family.

And a Happiest Daddy’s Day to the special Papas (My Dad and my FIL) and first time Daddy (My BIL Michael)!


1 thought on “Happy Daddy’s Day…Dada”

  1. Hahaha LOVE all of Bryan’s hilarious nicknames…especially for his Chewies! How blessed we are to have such rockstar daddies for our girls! 🙂

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