My little Olympians

We love watching the Olympics in our house.  I grew up loving women’s gymnastics.  It always helped that a little girl named Shannon Miller put our little big town of Edmond on the map too!  My mother in law got the girls some cute Olympic t-shirts for the occasion.  I hope my girls do like gymnastics or sports like I did.  They sure are animals when it comes to tackling each other, rough housing with toys, the dog, and they hit the mats hard at Gymboree.  They love playing in tunnels and tents.  This weather is so awful that we are literally inside ALL day.  Bryan and I load them up some night to go get ice cream or a Coke just to get them out of the house.

The girls are doing so well.  I am a proud mama!  We are still getting teeth, so that seems to throw our sleep schedule off ALOT.  Sometimes they surprise me and sleep until 8:30 a.m. which never happens, but I gladly welcome it more often.  I feel like just yesterday they were learning to crawl and now I have little runners and climbers who are trying to talk more and communicate.

Avery is our most vocal.  She is both really, really happy and then can be really, really mad when she doesn’t get her way.  Camdyn is still the little whiner and the most cuddly.  Emily is a observer and really methodically in her approach to playing.  She looks for the right time to snag Avery’s red puppy pacifier.  They are getting along better and seem to laugh a lot more with each other.  I think Mother’s Day Out has been a good benefit for both of us.  They get time with other kiddos and get to explore and I get some extended time to just be me. We are on hiatus until Fall session starts so this will be a long month!

Speaking of me, haha, I took a girls trip to Dallas to visit and be with some of my college girlfriends.  It was such a blast! I didn’t waste any time sulking this time.  Bryan held down the fort with the help of Nana and Papa and Mimi.  Thank goodness for those grandparents. He did a great job and he told me he really enjoyed the bonding time with them.  Everyone had a good weekend!

One funny thing that did happen to Bryan that has led me to believe I may be embarking on a new challenge is….here goes…Oh and please laugh, because I did 🙂 Sorry honey.  Bryan texted me when I was gone and told me that Camdyn put her hand down her diaper and yep, had some yucky stuff on it and then proceeded to rub it on Dada’s arm! So gross.  My girlfriends told me that it may be time to at least introduce the potty and talk about potty time things.  So, I ordered a princess potty so we could practice and an Elmo potty time video.  I don’t think they are fully ready but at least we can start the conversation.  Bryan and I probably spend at least $200 a month on diapers.  While we are in no hurry to potty train, that raise would be nice while we are building our house.

House is coming along nicely.  Still need to sell ours, but good things come to those who wait!

Happy Summer…please go away.  I can’t wait for fall and football weather pronto!!!

The Coys

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