My little babies are becoming little girls….

I am obviously not doing a very good job keeping up with this blog lately.  We have had a crazy month with selling the house, moving and the girls literally having a cold and cough for three weeks. We have battled a lot of sleepless nights, which only confirms Bryan and I’s feelings about NOT having anymore babies 🙂  This past month has been emotional, physically demanding and time to really reflect on our future.  Through it all, we are incredibly blessed by these three amazing (Tear…) little girls.

A year ago, this is what these precious babies looked like…They were 8 months old and just the most darling little pumpkins anyone has seen.

These days, we celebrate them turning into little girls.  We are chatting up a storm.  Camdyn still talks the most.  We are still working on “sharing” and not being so mean to each other when we don’t get our way.  We are also developing our own likes and interests, which is so fun to watch!  Here is a pic of Miss Emily.  She has an obsession with necklaces lately.  The girls would always point to my earrings or Mimi’s jewelry and we would say “Pretty.”  Now, they really understand jewelry.  Look at this little girl.  She wears at least four at a time.  Five or six if she can round them up!

Emmie is still my most content child.  Now, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her moments. She is stealing her time with Mama and Dada in the middle of the night lately in our bed! We can’t resist.  Sometimes its our only time to have one on one.  But, sleep is much-needed in this household so don’t know how much longer we can endure.  She is also our most methodical child.  She really loves figuring out how to put things together or she loves the toys that are a little more challenging. She is also the one that will hold her attention longest when watching Sesame Street or any other video on TV.

As I said, we are learning more how to share and be buddies.  Below is Avery and Camdyn.  The baby strollers are a big hit.  But, they don’t usually push the right kind of babies in them.

They have some wild curly hair!  They refuse clips or bows, so we end up looking like Gene Wilder, as Bryan calls Camdyn, OR Bozo the Clown.  We love playing outdoors and sitting at our big girl table.  They have adjusted really well to our temporary house.  Can’t believe we will move again before Christmas.  I am thinking good thoughts 🙂

Avery is my girl who went from being a baby to a grown up in just months! Here she is just cheezing it up for me in her big girl chair.

Here is Camdyn in her cute little OSU dress.  People tell me she looks the most like me.  Bryan and I still can’t figure out this whole identical thing.  Her and Em are supposed to be identical, but how does she look like me and Em look like Bryan?  Cam is still super sweet and loveable.  She is also in a laughing phase.  She seems to giggle the most out of all the girls. Love the sound of that.

Cam laying on Dada’s back side. Hehe.

Months ago, people asked me if things were getting easier…I quickly said yes.  I was too quick.  The girls are so much fun and changing before our eyes, but with that is also the need for constant activity and attention.  We are working on getting them in more activities that really help them release their energy and have fun with other kiddos.  This Mama is doing her best to cope with the ever-changing world of raising multiples.  Still working away to visit with other moms with multiples too.  I got together with three other moms with triplets.  Yes, all triplets!  One mom, who is so funny, has a newborn also in addition to her triplet toddlers!  I actually met another spontaneous triplet mom too! She has toddler boys about to turn three.  And she is a veterinarian.  What a super mom!

Parenting comes in all shapes and sizes.  Each day is different. Some are good and some are bad.  I finally was able to put my feelings into words when I told my mom a week ago, “I feel like they know I am not enough..” As awful as that sounds, “Mommy Guilt” is inevitable no matter how hard we try or what kind of resources we have.  But, I do worry that they will always need more than what I can give at one time.  I pray they will cherish being a triplet and not just see it as “survival of the fittest.”

As I do my best to navigate and raise healthy and happy children you sometimes forget to thank God for all that is good in your life.  So, here I am…Stopping…And thanking you Lord.  My heart runneth over 🙂

Blessings and prayers to our friends in need, who we have on our hearts each day…


Triple Blessed..The Coys

2 thoughts on “My little babies are becoming little girls….”

  1. Oh my goodness, Avery looks like a mini Bryan in that pic of her in the green chair!! And Cam does look so much like you. Crazy. I also am still laughing at the Gene Wilder comment! Oh Bryan…I could listen to his hilarious nicknames all day. Hope we get to see our favorite trio soon.

  2. I can’t believe it’s been a year since those little pumpkins were lying on the floor. I love their curls and love watching them grown and change.

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