Taste of the terrible twos…comes in threes..

santa pic 2012

What’s the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” right?  If this doesn’t give you a glimpse into our lives right now raising three almost two-year olds I don’t know what does…Oh, maybe this picture below…

Cam in sink

Don’t worry. No pills were ingested in the making of this crazy day! Don’t call DHS on me.  We have battled sickness off and on for three months.  Viral this, bronchial that, allergies blah blah.  It is so hard to take care of three well children and even harder of sick children.  Don’t get me wrong we are so blessed they are healthy kiddos overall.  Daddy and I have battled to stay well. Every caregiver, grandparents etc gets sick from helping us.  Makes me feel so bad.  But, like Bryan said, we cannot isolated ourselves.  I do that enough because getting out is so darn challenging.  We go through these ebbs and flows every few months.  The ebbs or the highs make you feel like you have mastered being a parent of multiples…But, I should know better than this.  The flows are more like a crash landing.  A landing full of meltdowns, biting, hitting, tantrums, throwing food on the floor, not sleeping, seeking attention and getting mad because someone else requires attention too.  I don’t think I sit down but 30 minutes in a day.  This has shown me how this lifestyle doesn’t help for you as the parent to take very good care of yourself, so I need to work on that a lot more. Maybe I should quit fighting that Emily wants her boots on 24 hours a day.  That may save me a few minutes looking for them everywhere if I just let her stay in them until bed time!

We hit a wall these past months, but we were praying for a healthy Christmas since Thanksgiving was so fun. NOT!  We had kids with runny noses.  Camdyn with fever and an ear infection. So, we split up.  We attempted lunch at my folks but the Camdyn felt so bad we lasted an hour and came home.  Bryan took Emily to his folks and my parents kept Avery for a bit so I could actually nurture Camdyn one on one.  Even in the sickness, this was really enjoyable.  We don’t get a lot of alone time together with each child, so I savor every moment.

As I statement before…We prayed for a healthy Christmas.  Today, blew that for at least this week.  Emily has RSV, which is a common and very contagious respiratory virus.  In addition, we have to do breathing treatments with her. Piece of cake right? Haha.  She had a chest x-ray and we are keeping an eye on anything turning into pneumonia.  Our doc stated the obvious which was…”The other girls are likely to get this…”  PAUSE FOR SILENCE PLEASE.  BIG DEEP BREATH.  This is what I was saying to myself this morning.  Bryan is taking a work trip tomorrow for a few days and I have girls with a contagious virus and one with fever.  Merry Christmas!!!  I pray that they are getting this out of their system by this weekend for sure.  And, I still have Christmas shopping to do. From this picture, you would never know this crazy kid feels sick.

Emmie in sunglasses

But honestly, in the midst of all the stress I am trying to take an approach to be positive and just keep moving on.  It takes more energy to be negative in my opinion and to get upset so I got out my frustration and tomorrow is a new day.  Unfortunately, for those poor parents in Connecticut they cannot say the same for their loved ones and those darling small children.  Being a parent is the hardest job in the world.  The love you give is like nothing you have ever known and the love of a child is like nothing you will ever experience in your life.  This situation is so against all things understandable, forces of nature, passage of life, reasoning of the powers of God…You try not to question faith, but its difficult.  So in that, I choose even in hard times to love my kiddos more, love my chaotic life more and wake up just knowing that today is a new day and we are never promised tomorrow.

I hope everyone has a great week before Christmas. Thank goodness for the fudge in my frig is all I can say!

Love Always from the,

The manic life of the Coys

1 thought on “Taste of the terrible twos…comes in threes..”

  1. Sorry it’s been a rough few months. The sickness hit out house over Christmas as well. Hugs to you! My goal for this year is to come see you and those beautiful girls! Wishing you a Happier New Year!

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