Christmas, New Years and New Beginnings!

Opening gifts

Christmas was so much fun this year! The girls were finally well and so excited.  They really got into unwrapping gifts this year and that was a blast to watch.  We were fortunate to have Christmas Eve at my folks house (Mimi and Papa Hansen) and then Christmas Day at the Coys (Nana and Papa).  The girls were absolutely spoiled by Santa.  It was like nothing I have ever seen before.  People always ask me if we buy three of everything.  Well, in some cases yes…In other cases, its the choice of their grandparents.  They got three of these cute cars and three big rocking horses on springs!  They got lots of clothes, toys, books…everything a 22 month old could ask for and so much more.

cozy coupes

Three amigos in their new cars!

Mimi and Papa with girls at xmas

Mimi and Papa with the girls.  Someone of the three is never up for a picture 🙂

Vaccum cleaner and Avery

Avery with the Minnie Mouse vacuum.  They love cleaning supplies.  Gotta put them to work more often 🙂

Emmie first gift

Our sweet Tink, Tink. Little Bug. She has so many names she won’t know her name is Emily.

Some funny things the girls are up to these days are as follows:

1. DSC_0640 They are chatting up a storm.  The funniest…Everyone of the sisters’ names are Emmie.  Camdyn is Emmie, Avery is Emmie and I am not sure Emmie knows she is Emmie.

2. They love boots.  Love putting them on themselves.  I think Emily is asleep right now with her boots on.  They got two more pairs for Christmas.

3. They still don’t sleep much.  There is really nothing funny about this to Mommy and Daddy.


4. They are doing pretend play more.  We got them a play kitchen for Christmas.  They also love to dress up in shoes and tutus.

5. They are learning to love each other and share more.  We see more hugs, laughing between each other, and sharing of toys, books, juice and pacifiers.

6. They love music, Elmo, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Minnie Mouse, Abby and they love dancing…when you hold them and dance with the music on TV.


Challenging times with sleep are the toughest thing right now.  We hope it gets better when we move this month to our new house. They will each have their own room for the first time! Praying it goes well.

New Beginnings Update:

No, I am not pregnant.  That would not be funny.  We have enough family to go around.  But, I am proud to announce that Bryan and his business partner Jason sold their company, Mega Fluids, on the last day of the year!!  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are so proud of Bryan.  They were purchased by a large company called Canadian Energy Services/AES.  Bryan will now work for this company for a minimum of three years.  He may not be his own boss anymore but it was an amazing opportunity he could not pass up.  Not too shabby for two 30-something guys who started a business just five years ago! Way to go DADA!

Bryan and Jason shaking hands

Jason and Bryan after signing The Deal!

Bryans signing day1

2 thoughts on “Christmas, New Years and New Beginnings!”

  1. Amazing on all counts!! Congrats on selling the business and on three beautiful little girls!
    It looks like they had a blast at Christmas!

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