Celebrating TWO: Two years with the three we adore


We are TWO!!

I cannot believe this past year has flown by this fast.  I feel like we were just celebrating their first birthday and some days I feel like we just brought them home from the NICU.  But, these little darlings are actually two.  As you can see from the picture above, our lives are filled with three little people full of character and lots of personaility.  They have grown and changed so much in the past six months.  We celebrated with family this past weekend and these girls are so spoiled.  We are so lucky that all of our immediate family was able to come over for some pizza, Minnie Mouse cookies and some fun in our new backyard.  We finally moved in our new house this past weekend as well.  Our life is non stop, but we are excited to finally be living in our new house!  The biggest adjustment is that the girls finally all have their own rooms.  The first few nights have been a rough adjustment.  Avery actually cried and said, “Sister,” which broke my heart.  They have never not been in the same room since we brought them home.  In the long run, we feel they will appreciate their own space since they are together so much.  Bryan and I are hoping they will sleep better as well.  That is if we don’t continue to have bed climbers that now visit our room in the middle of the night – AVERY!


The fun part of their actual birthday is that it snowed.  Bryan came home a little early and played in the backyard a bit.  Thats Bryan and Emmie, I believe 🙂


Trying snow for the first time


Miss Avery still wanting to play with the ball, but not sure how to do that and keep her mittens on!


My three little eskimos.  They loved it.


Just being sisters…Who must do EVERYTHING the same.





Oh my little Emmie Bug.  You are so very smart.  You really think things over before you make a move on something.  You are content playing by yourself, reading books and you are excellent at figuring out electronics.  You love boots and shoes.  We believe you might be left handed, which is odd because Camdyn is not.  Not all things are twin-isms huh?  You have the sweetest temperment and you rarely get upset.  You do get mad if some takes something from you that you know was yours.  But, you do compromise well and will take a substitute toy or pacifier just to save the peace sometimes.  You growing so much.  We can’t believe you were just two pounds!  Now, you are just as on the move as your sisters. You are still tiny but getting to be a true big girl.



Cam Cam.  You are probably the most emotional of all your sisters, but you are so darn funny too.  You are silly like your Mommy and your Mimi.  You will spin around, dance, love to dress up in tutus and your princess shoes.  You love your plastic earrings. I see a fashionista on our hands.  You laugh, scream and giggle a lot. You are a true lover.  You hug your sisters a lot and you always run to the aid of them when someone is upset.  You bring them toys, books, pacifiers.  You are as I have always seen you..the peace maker. One of my favorite things about you.


If this picture doesn’t tell you about this little girl I don’t know what will! She is such a personality.  Total cheeseball.  But, she can be very serious, set in her ways and very stubborn at the same time too.  Av – You are so much fun to be around.  I always call you my “Big Girl” not just because you are physically my biggest girl, but you do seem so much more mature for your age.  You display the sweetest emotion, biggest temper at times, and have so much fun just being you.  You are definatly my most passionate child.  I love that about you.

It is no secret we adore this threesome with all our hearts.  It is also no secret that they are a complete handful!  They are every bit of TWO.  We are loving the children they are becoming and we are holding on for dear life through all the challenges we are facing with their new found independence.  Raising a toddler is tough work. Raising three is another story.  We try to focus on their individuality and learn from them on how we can best parent each of them.  Love each of them the best.  Raise each of them the best.  They may be triplets, but as they grow we are reminded they are three very different kiddos.

To the trio that makes life chaotic bliss., we love you Emily, Camdyn and Avery Coy.

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