Oh how they have grown…

girls in swimsuits

Everyone is biased about their own children and I am going to remain a biased parent as well.  I have the three best kiddos in the whole world.  Lately, through the sleep deprivation and the rough crabby mornings, I have seen such beautiful moments with the girls.  They are TALKING up a storm.  I am utterly amazed about how they are just putting thoughts together and blurting them out.  I used to wonder what they were thinking under all that curly hair.  Now, they tell me exactly what they are thinking.  They are turning into my dearest little buddies. All different personalities but all so very sweet and loving.

avery by wood bear

Avery Lynn – 27 months old

Avery is my little diva.  A total riot but so very dramatic.  I have to say I love that about her though.  Strong willed and a strong sense of independence.  Wonder where she gets that from?

cam with popsicle

Camdyn Lea

Camdyn is still my little mother hen.  I have always said from the beginning she was my peacemaker.  She shows love so easily.  Hugs, kisses, and is the first to rush to the aid of a crying sister.

silly emmie

Emily is really quirky.  Really silly and very smart.  She is brewing a pretty funny sense of humor too. I am sure she gets that from her daddy.  Good thing the boot obsession has worn off. Those would be really hot for the summer.

We are attempting to stay busy this summer.  Trips to the zoo. Playing outside with bubbles and in the sprinkler. Thus the bathing suits up top!  Trips to the zoo are just that…A zoo.  My friend Stephanie and I (She has twin girls that are two and half and a darling boy who is almost a year old) and ya (I said she has multiples also 🙂 ) We like to venture to places where people love to stare and ask questions! Haha.

zoo buddies

This picture could not be any cuter.  Her girls are the ones slightly taller 🙂

triple wagon

This is how we roll these days! Unfortunately, it gets a lot of attention too. The wagon that is…

We like impromptu sprinkler and splash ground parties with our boyfriends.  Below is Camdyn and our buddy Rex.  Man, that would be the ideal son-in-law. His mom is one of my besties.

cam and rex

All in all, the girls are doing fantastic.  Time has flown since their birthday in February.  Bryan and I recently took a mini vacation to Vegas.  Had a blast. 48 hours is not long enough to “rest” but Vegas is the wrong destination to do that anyhow.  We are hoping to venture out this summer on some family outings, seeing lots of am-e-nals, horsies and swimming.

I can’t believe its been almost two months since I have last blogged but then again I can!  The trio keep us on our toes and we just now getting some relief in the bed time department at a reasonable time.  I didn’t quite say “sleeping” department but we are still hopefully.

One last picture I would like to share is of my very first baby, my Riley.  We unfortunately said goodbye to our sweet golden retriever who was 10 years old last month.  It was sudden and so incredibly hard on us and Mimi and Papa.  She was an incredibly special dog and wonderful part of our family.  Summer always reminds me of her since she LOVED the water.  This is one of my favorite pictures.  There will never be another RiRi but I so cherish the joy you brought to us all.


1 thought on “Oh how they have grown…”

  1. The girls are so cute!💗 I have looked at your page so many times looking at these adorable babies!! You and Bryan are amazing. I have twin cousin girls who are 3 years old and are about the same size as the triplets. I hope you guys have an amazing Easter!!🐰

    The Campbell’s

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