Summer time in full swing times three!

pool day

Look at those water babies just hanging out and looking exhausted from a day of swimming.  Its our new favorite summer activity.  They are getting to be very ambitious in the water and really working those little legs!  It is a lot of responsibility to watch three two-year olds in the pool, but they are really doing a fantastic job with their floaties from right now until we work more on swimming lessons.

Our other fun summer favorite is the zoo.  We talk about the animals and the zoo a lot!

Group photo of girls at zoo

Amazing we got all three girls to look at the camera!

Cam on rhino at zoo

Camdyn is always smiling

Avery at the zoo

My ever confident and curious Avery. Such a big girl!  “Look MOM, buuurdies”

Em at the zoo

Emmie loves the monkeys.  She is our little gymnast-like monkey.  I guess that is technically a gorilla creeping behind her.

We have also ventured to some indoor craft and playground places.  The playground tends to leaves us with busted lips and skinned knees, so we stuck to the painting this time!

cam painting

Camdyn figuring out that she loves to say “Purple” and use the color “purple.” Something about them in these big oversized shirts is so darn cute.

avery painting

Leave it to Avery to be my little OCD’er.  “UUUHHHOOOO” When paint gets on her hands.  Think I have a princess on my hands.

em painting

Emily loved to paint her hands and then slam it on the paper.  And, yes, she has had a haircut since this photo! Wow big hair!

Camdyn also had surgery for ear tubes back in June.  She did fantastic.  Great little patient. Here she is with Daddy.  He is the only one that she wanted when she woke up from surgery.  Avery and Em had tubes at 10 months old, so Camdyn escaped it for at least another year or so but we knew it was coming.  Tubes are the greatest.

cam tubes 1

Daddy and Mommy also made a little time to get away for a date night.  Mommy does look half bad out of her “workout” clothes or “MOM” clothes as us SAH’ers (Stay at Home moms) call them.  Daddy looks nice too!

Mommy and Daddy

And last on our list so far to date was the 4th of July. Girls loved the Edmond LibertyFest parade.  They love horses! “HORSIES!” as they say. Lots of them to look at.  Bryan and I were troopers because parking was a mad house and we forgot our wagons or any mode of transportation for the girls.  We ended up walking not too many blocks to the right spot.  They held our hands and each others hands and did really well.  They surprise us every day with their growing maturity (which makes me happy and sad :().  They are so much fun right now and we could not be more in love with our threesome as the months go on.  Cannot believe they are almost technically two and a half.  Where does the time go?

4th of July 2012

Happy Summer Adventures!


The Coys

1 thought on “Summer time in full swing times three!”

  1. I love reading your updates on the girls. My triplet girls are 5 months old. Just like you they were spontaneous and quite unexpected! But they bring us more joy than I ever thought possible.

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