Three two-year olds…Enough said!

the girls summer at home 2013 005

(Avery, Camdyn and Emily-Two and half years old- Photo taken by Anne Schmidt, Edmond Life and Leisure)

Summer has flown by and we cannot believe we are getting back into the swing of things around here.  It’s not like much changes in our day-to-day yet, but we did have a month off of Mother’s Day Out, Lord help me, and we are working ourselves back into a routine for at least two days of the week.  The girls love school.  School is a nice term for us stay at home moms. Technically, it is not school yet, but its a double reward that I get some “alone” time and they get a few hours of learning, play and lots of fun.  Plus, I always get three awesome crafts or art projects for my frig every time I pick them up! Love it. They are going two days a week this fall.  It’s an adjustment for me and a little weird. I think it will give me some breathing room to explore some things I need back in my life to feel a little more balanced.  People ALWAYS ask..”Is it easier now?”  Bryan and I always respond, “It’s just different.”  Not easier by any means.  Do I want to be doing feedings for three every three hours for six months straight again. NO!  But chasing three two-year olds that are potty training, fighting, crying, whining, always into things they should not be, laughing together, sparing with each other…always wanting my attention.  It is totally more fun, but just different 🙂 We are blessed.

Here are a few of some of the awesome new things the girlies are doing:

1. Singing their ABC’s, Happy Birthday, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star…

2. Counting to ten…really fast.  So, most of the time it is 12345 slow and then….678910!

3. They covet their baby dolls.  Rocking them, covering them up and even eating with them at the table.

4. Got their first Barbies this summer.

5. Still love the Zoo, but we are at an anti-stroller stage.  This makes zoo trips exhausting for mommy, as if it was not exhausting enough.  They love animals and it always makes me happy to see them happy!

6. LOVE watching Cinderella.  When the mean step-sisters come on they say, “Oh no Mommy, mean!”  And they say their version of “Bibbity, Boppity, Boo” Darn cute.

7. Have learned how to pray at the dinner table.  This will melt ya with their little hands in prayer.

8. Started gymnastics.  They are amazingly fearless!  Having a blast so far.  It’s a “Mommy and Me” class. Haha.  I have to bring Nana and Mimi to help cover my shift.

9. Had another photo shoot with a local magazine.  Getting to be some cutie little models.  You will see the pics…It may be getting to their precious little heads 🙂

10. WE are potty training!!! They are doing awesome. Still working on some issues but they are doing great.  Three at once…It was an interesting first week.

11.  Lastly, they tell us “I love you.”  This has to be the ultimate gift from God himself.

Here are some fun photos from our little magazine shoot and this summer!  The magazine is Edmond Life and Leisure.  We have made a nice little friendship with one of their photographers, Anne, and she has followed our family story since the girls were preemies.  She has been great and gives us some memorable moments to have for a lifetime.

Girls in Edmond magazine summer 13

the girls summer at home 2013 068

Camdyn, Emily and Avery – Almost two and half in this pic! (From mag shoot)

the girls summer at home 2013 097

Hooray for Summer! Emily, Camdyn and Avery (from mag shoot)


My “Tough girl, even though I am the smallest” – Emily “Emmie” Ray


Bust a pose girl! – Camdyn Lea


Always NOT my shy girl – Avery Lynn

girls summer 1

Emily, Camdyn and Avery

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