Orange you glad its fall!


Oh the annual Pumpkin Patch visit! The girls think this is pretty cool.  Lots of animals to pet, places to run, pumpkin and more!  We are loving the cooler temps but not so loving the illness that comes with the changes weather.  We had a really rough month with the stomach bug to ear infections.  Mommy and Daddy even bit the dust this time too.  But, its football season and Daddy is enjoying teaching the girls about all the teams.  Since I am a Poke fan, I don’t care too much for my Emmie to be yelling “Boomer Sooner” around the house but its funny I guess.


The girls are really a blast lately.  Aside from sickness and total tantrums they are truly so much fun to watch grow!  This pic above is with my niece Reagan.  They like to call her “Reggy Roo Roo.”


Girls have always loved animals.  I loved that they yelled “BAAAAA” at the goats too.  They have no fear.  Typical two-year old huh?


With Halloween around the corner, they got to pick out their costumes.  Next post will hopefully picture the cutest Tinkerbell, Cinderella and Belle you have ever seen.  They are big into princesses.  Below is a pic of Camdyn (Back) and Emily (front).  And yes, they are the twins.  People still ask us if we can tell our kids apart.  Or they ask us if we are sure which ones are identical etc.


My favorite funny thing that people STILL ask is “Do they all have different personalities?”  Well, do your children they were not born on the same day? Probably so 🙂

DSC_0981Emily Ray – Age 2.5

Em is totally onry lately.  She also has been very needy in turns of always wanting someone at her bedside or likes to always say “Mommy, Hold YOU.” At this age it’s never Hold ME is it? So cute…She is still a little fighter and unfortunately at times a biter.  I think she is still learning how to channel frustration in that little body of hers.  She will actually take herself to the time out stair after she bit someone.  Smart girl, but again…Onry 🙂

DSC_1001Avery Lynn – Age 2.5

Av is still my girl who if being an only child was a choice, she would choose it.  She is so tall and looks like a four-year old!  She is super funny and quite the manipulator.  She knows how to play on your emotions.  I don’t mind giving in most of the time.  She can be very dramatic but then just looks at you with the eyes.  Again, “Mommy, Hold YOU.”


Camdyn Lea – Age 2.5

Cam Cam is a hoot.  Literally, she is my song singing, dancing and smiley little girl.  Lately, she has somewhat turned her role as peacemaker into MMA Fighter!  Guess she didn’t feel like wearing the nice girl hat.  I count on her to help me break up the fights but she has had her fair share of moments as well.  Like all things, this too shall pass…

Life with the girls is such a blessing.  I won’t say they keep us young because I am about to knock on the door of Botox and Juviderm soon.  People are always so kind when we are out in public it truly reminds me of the gift we have.  Can’t wait for the holidays quickly approaching!!!


Much love from our family of five! – plus my niece 🙂

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