Family is our greatest gift


I know I know…Its been two months since my last confession.  Wait, I mean post.  We sailed through Halloween and right into Thanksgiving and just like everyone else we looked up and its now two weeks to Christmas!  In between our holiday festivities, Emily had surgery about a week ago.  A new set of ear tubes and her adenoids removed.  Its been a rough week full of sleepless nights. She is made of iron and so tough.  We pray this helps her with her constant cold and infections, trouble breathing while she is sleeping and ear infections.

On a happier note: The girls are really funny lately.  They do and say the funniest things, but most of all they get hooked really quickly on something they like.  This time around (before it was Cinderella) now it is the movie Annie.  I was so excited to introduce them to my favorite child movie of all time…until I watched probably 100 times.  It is priceless though to hear them sing, “Tomorrow” and they yell out different lines from the movie.  Its one for the memory books.

We have also put their girls in their own bedrooms…again..this time with their own double size bed, new bedding and lots of space to just call their own.  A month in it has been trying, but we are seeing slow improvements.  I see an improvement in their disposition during the day.  They need a break from each other at some time.  One of these days they will stay in there all night 🙂

Halloween was a blast with the girls! We had three little princesses.  Of course, one must have a meltdown about 20 minutes before we leave to trick or treat.  Avery DID NOT want to be Belle.  It is a darling yellow dress.  We talked it up and told her how beautiful it was, but she is not dumb.  Then a few moments later, Avery and Camdyn emerged from their rooms.  Camdyn was now wearing the Belle dress and Avery wearing her Tinkerbell.  Avery was saying, “Thank you sista” while Camdyn told me she let Avery wear it.  Our hearts melted.  I seriously teared up.  It was a memorable moment to remember in the midst of yelling, biting, pushing and fighting during the week.  We are so lucky to have grandparents who want to be everywhere these girls are…We had Mimi, Nana and Papa and even Uncle G.  We had a lot of fun this year.


Camdyn, Avery and Emily


The girl with the golden heart – Our Camdyn

Thanksgiving really felt like an extended holiday this year.  Bryan’s family from Ohio was in town for a week, so we spent a lot of time with them.  The girls fell in love with Miss Mia, who is Bryan’s cousin Heather’s little girl.  She is 8.  She was playing beauty shop with them. Being a little stylist and playing dress up.  Mia was sad to go and the girls still ask about her all the time.  It’s tough to explain to almost three-year olds what OHIO is and why it is not down the street.  We spent time at Mimi and Papa’s house with Uncle G as well.

Aside from the mass rush of the holiday upon us, we had family pictures made.  Here are a few that we LOVE.  The girls are growing into little ladies right before our eyes.  Thank you Kim with Stubbs Photography.  We have so many great ones to choose from…


Awe…Sistas..Emily, Avery and Camdyn


Quite the little posers


Right after Thanksgiving, we threw up the Christmas tree.  Little tough to do with toddlers in the house, but they were proud to help out.  It was worth it even to have all the ornaments on the bottom row of the tree! Momma had to work on it later…


That curly hair is hard to tame!

And to wrap up this post, we are so thankful this season for so many things.  Like the title says, family is our greatest gift.  In my immediate family we have had a trying year.  My dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer and has had two surgeries.  But in darkness there always comes light and we look forward to a healthy 2014.  People we know are surrounded by good things like new babies in their family, new job opportunities, new homes, new lease on life…We have a lot to be thankful for.  We are truly blessed.  I love that the girls’ school teaches them about Baby Jesus. Christ is all the reason for our blessings.

Merry Christmas and until the New Year….

The Coys

2 thoughts on “Family is our greatest gift”

  1. Oh my goodness, I have one curly haired blondie and one straight haired blondie. I prayed for a straight haired little girl because the curls just do me in! I can not imagine having 3 heads of curls!! Her curls are almost identical to your girls. In the summer, her curls are beautiful ringlets, in the winter we struggle with frizz and crazy days. I have tried every product out there I think!

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