And then they were THREE…

Family 2

I am certain that every year I will have the statement, “I can’t believe they are….insert age.”  But, I really can’t believe three years has gone by this fast.  Now I won’t lie.  It has been a very trying three years.  I can say though that I think we have the hang of things now. Haha.  These girls are truly amazing.  I saw a wonderful light come on at about two and half.  They actually are little people with BIG personalities.  We had a big year this year.

1. Moving to our new house

2. Moving into our own rooms

3. Climbing out of our cribs at 22 months

4. Getting our own toddler beds at 24 months

5.  Moving back into one room with our sisters

6.  Moving back OUT of our room with our sisters and into our OWN rooms…Again…Closer to three this time.

7. Upgrading to big girl beds

8. POTTY TRAINING…I could write a whole blog post on potty training triplets.  But, they got the hang of it and are rocking and rolling.  Now how to say goodbye to getting M&Ms and Skittles every time we go is another story.

9. Expanding our vocabulary.  This has really been a hoot to listen to.

10. Learning to love our sisters a little more dearly. More sharing and caring in this household is always a good thing.

11. Introduction to a true temper tantrum…Not so fun. Especially, when they all decide today is their day to have one.  Can’t wait for those teenage years when their monthly gift all arrives at the same time. Ugh.

12.  Tantrums thus leads to the introduction of TIMEOUTS.  You have to love the times they actually walk themselves to timeout.

13.  Lots of strep and sickness this year. Blah.

14. Camdyn got ear tubes in June.  Emily had a second set and her adenoids removed in December.

Needless to say, LOTS of big developmental changes.  We still are struggling with night waking.  Again, I think we will obviously have time to sleep when we are dead…OR hospitalized from sleep deprivation but at least our kiddos are the best kiddos anyone can ask for…

We had a wonderful THIRD birthday party at the OKC Zoo.  There were animals – Poppy the Armadillo and a big long-eared bunny joined the party.  We had animal shaped cookies and cupcakes.  The girls had lots of friends and family there and they were blessed with lots of toys.  On their real birthday-day, Bryan and I gave the new baby dolls and baby doll carriages.  Such little mammas.

Girls petting bunny1

My girls petting the bunny

Kids with Bunny

Friends waiting to pet the bunny

Papa Bill and Emmie

Emmie with her Papa Bill

Blowing Candles

Blowing out candles. We sang three times of course.







As I say goodbye to the years that have passed I truly look forward to their future.  When you have been chosen to raise three little ones, all the same age, at the same time, you do your best to embrace time.  I feel like they have let us have a little more fun these days 🙂 THUS, giving us a chance to let go a little bit more.  They are true gems and I could not ask for more precious babies.

Birthday blessings time THREE,

The Coys

4 thoughts on “And then they were THREE…”

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog. It is always great to read another multiples mommies journey. I wonder if the night waking is a multiples thing. My almost three year old twins still wake up every single night. And if you remove one the other will wake up because he knows that his brother is no longer next to him. I would love to hear more about how the seperate rooms is going. I’ve thought about doing this many times!

    1. Kandice – we have one that sleep pretty good. One that is off and on and my other that has some major separation anxiety issues but just at night. I just pray with time and as they grow it will all work itself out. Separating them did help. Took a while but they have some quiet time away from each other that I believe helps during the day to day routine…

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