An egg-celent place to be right now…

my girls

Don’t let these darling little faces fool you….Okay, yes, they fool their own mama every single day.  All things THREE is pretty interesting.   It’s also pretty hilarious.  You would think I live with three little boys with all the “bathroom” talk that is happening in this house. The girls think certain words are just sooo funny.  I am sure I will get a call from someone at their Mother’s Day Out telling me that one of them called someone else “Poopy diarrhea.”  Yep, those are my little angels.

We are in a phase where they are über sensitive and also filled with some quite intense attitude!  We can go from happy to full on tantrum in zero point two seconds.  It is a gift.  I must have three brilliant young actresses on my hands.  But, we also hear a lot of “I love you’s” too which melt away any day full of hair pulling and sassy back talk!

The girls are in a phase they DO NOT like people dressed up in costume.  First, it was a duck at a birthday party.  The duck even politely took off his big ole’ head and revealed that SHE was not a real duck.  That didn’t go over well either.  Then, it was Batman.  In their defense this Batman was very authentic looking.  All black costume and fully masked.  He did amazing face painting, but that even caused a meltdown because then we feared the little Hulks and Spidermans running around.  And lastly, the Easter bunny.  Ladies at their MDO said they nailed the egg hunt, but that all ended when they spied the Easter bunny.


Emmie Bug

Update on the Bug: (That’s our little Emily)

Emily weighed in at a whopping 26lbs at her three-year appointment.  She was 37 inches tall.  She falls into the 5-10% for weight.  My little 2 lb baby is rocking the socks off of three.  She is so smart and really creative.  She is tougher than nails this one.  We recently experienced our first loose tooth.  Down the slide with sister is a way to get your mouth bonked and a tooth come loose.  She did a great job at her first dental appointment.  We hope that it will hang on for another few years at least!  No major damage.  But, I see you eyeing her lip in this picture.  Bug is a tiny little one and sometimes she creeps up on you.  I was holding Camdyn and completely tripped over her on the floor.  Mother of the Year for basically kicking my daughter in the face.  Emmie loves books too.  She will pick one for you to read and want to make sure that it stays on her bed at night.


Avery the Actress

Avery has acquired quite a vocabulary. She is my darling that I can carry on a decent conversation with.  She is really ornery.  She will deliberately look at you when you ask something of her and do the exact opposite.  She is my child who is looking for the reaction.  But I have to admit that is something I really love about her.  She may push my boundaries but she seeks emotion and demands attention!  Avery was 30 lbs and 37 3/4 inches tall at her check up.


Camdyn or “Cama-lee” as her sister Emily calls her…

Update on Camdyn:

Camdyn is always right in the middle…28lbs and 37 1/4 inches tall.  I don’t see her as a typically middle child though.  She is still very motherly.  She tells her sisters that it will “Be okay…” and she is always finding a way to make someone happy.  She makes the silliest faces and is a total goof ball.  One thing that is very out of character for her as of late is this screaming act.   Not sure if it is a way to garner attention, but it is very scary at times as she breaks into her best episode of Mommy Dearest and acts out the wire hanger scene.  Then its back to wrapping up her babies in a swaddle.  Maybe she is learning to be a desperate housewife like her momma.  Haha.

Overall, things are calm in this house.   Words I should have never said out loud!  We are looking forward to our first family vacation this weekend.  Just a short trip down I-35.  Three three-year olds in the car and staying in a hotel room should be interesting.  But just like all of our adventures we are making some awesome memories to cherish.

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