Summer fun in full swing

Princess Picture 2014

Well, summer 2014 is definitely in full swing in the Coy household.  Having three, three-year-olds, I feel I am constantly looking for ways to entertain them.  We have been to Frozen princess birthday parties, starting swimming, play dates with friends, trips to the zoo, trips to the park to feed the ducks, lots of coloring and painting….the list I know will continue to grow and we are only technically into week two.  Oh, we went and had our first manicure and pedicure!  That was pretty cute.  I may have started something a little early since I got my first manicure maybe my junior or senior year of high school for prom!  Starting them at three may run me into some big expectations 🙂

The girls are silly and full of energy.  The things these girlies say just crack me up.  Camdyn told me the other day my new kitchen table set was “soooo cute Mommy.”  She may have also told me it was “awesome!”  My little cheerleader for sure.  Emmie is being a tad sass-a-frass lately.  I think she goes through these periods to where she wants to make sure her patient little voice is heard and believe me Buggie, we hear you!  Avery has been so darn silly.  Just says goofy things and knows how to make herself laugh.  She is my one by the end of the day she is delirious with the giggles.

The following is a look into our lives the past few weeks in pictures! Enjoy and Happy Summer!


The girls with their gymnastics coach Miss Courtney


High flying Cam Cam


Silly Emmie


Go Avery Go!

Camdyn first manicure

Camdyn picked PURPLE nail polish of course…Her favorite

Avery first manicure

This Miss Avery picked all her nail polish the second it dried.  Not very patient, not surprising 🙂

Emmie first manicure

Emmie picked BLUE…Her favorite color

Girls with Hallie and Rex

Fun at Martin Nature Park with our buddies Hallie and Rex

Fun with friends at the park

Feeding the ducks at Hafer Park with our friends Harper, Tatum and Emma.  Yep, that’s six three-year olds you see!!!

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