CATCH UP! Thursdays with A Trip Continued….Camdyn

I didn’t forget about my little mama Camdyn.  Her day was two weeks ago.  It rained that day so we spent time at the library.

Cam day with Mom June 2015

Who knew just something as simple as the library could be so much fun.  We read books of course…And who would have thought their would be several stations of computers to play on in the library.  Go figure these days right?  We snuggled up in a reading nook and read a few books, but she was more interested in really playing on the computer.  Camdyn is such my little mama. She is always such sweet-natured and worried about others.  With that sweet caring little face comes a lot of sensitivity.  I do adore that about her, but I know that she may be using a little bit of that manipulate me a tad these days.  That manipulation comes especially when she may have done something wrong, been a little too sassy in a response to me or her sisters or ironically it comes out in full form when its time to help pick up!  I got your little number Cam Cam!  None the less, she is a sweet soul and always has been.  She is the first to tell someone they are pretty or she likes something about them (earrings, shirt, painting etc.).  We have had a lot of “She isn’t playing with me,” lately from all of the girls.  Camdyn will run to me and get upset but she doesn’t hesitate to tattle a little too!

Emily had a day last week and chose to swim by herself with me at her Nana’s house.  We packed lunches and just had fun at the pool.  It was totally different with one 4 year old in the water as opposed to three!  Needless to say, those dollars spent on ISR swim training have been valuable and wonderful.

These special one-on-ones with my girls have really been wonderful.  They look forward to them too.  It is really helping me hone in who they are aside from being a triplet.  Who they are as little growing people.  And honestly what their true love language is as a child.  If you have not read, “Love Languages of Children” by Gary Chapman do yourself a favor…And while you are at it, if you haven’t read the “5 Love Languages..” do that too…Its for grown ups!  So many people, as I have stated so many times, believe that somehow they are all the same person because they look the same.  Could not be farther from the truth…and I am loving how they are becoming their own person.

We have been busy like all other families doing fun summer things!  Once I can regroup, I have a lot of thoughts and pics to share…It has been a valuable time of reflection this summer and I want to share some of those thoughts in the future!

Love always from The Coy Pond….

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