“In All Things…Give Thanks”

This year, our little family decided to ring in the season with Thanksgiving cards.  When our world is in such crisis and we all know people hurting in our communities and around the world, it is so important to value what we have right here at home.  I know I am not the only mother that may wake up like Mary Poppins and end the day being Cruela Deville.  There are days that are more ragged than others, go smoother than others and there are days that are just knock dead drag out  days from you know where!  Lately, I have tried to stop more and stare at the girls when they sleep, hone in when they are loving one another when I am not looking, cherishing more of the moments that may not even make sense when they are congested with screams and shrills…fighting and yelling…tears over who knows what.  I am leaning in and loving it all.

I have not posted in a while so I have some catching up to do!  There is no place like home with these little Dorothys.  Yes, they were all Dorothy.  Emily decided she was the first to be Dorothy.  The selling point was definitely Toto in the basket and the red glittery shoes.  The other two quickly changed from mermaids to Dorothy, no questions asked.  Girls and accessories.  Even at four, it is clearly apparent that fashion is important.

Dorothy Halloween 2015Five minutes before we walked out the door to Trick-Or-Treat, Emily decided she wanted to be her own little person with her own ideas and quickly turned into Elsa.  The good thing about not worrying about the costumes is that we have tons of them to choose from.  No harm no foul and everyone was happy!  “Let is Go” Right?

The girls are rockin’ Pre-K!  They love their teachers and they are learning so many amazing things.  The big thing they love is being “the line leader.”  Recently, they all had an opportunity to do what they call “ME Day.”  Their teachers send home a special bag and they get to fill it with what they want to show their class.  What many may see as a simple project for their kids was taken very seriously to mine!  The girls do not get too many opportunities at home to take a hold of something that is just individually “THEIRS.”  A sister is always there to partake.  It was heartwarming to them so proud to show off their favorite things to their classmates.  To be just Avery….Camdyn…Emily.

They all told me, “Mom, I don’t need any help with my homework.”  I wish they did need help, because when they get older and ask for help on that math homework they are going to be up a creek!

Mercy NICU Wall of HOPE

Last night, we were honored to be chosen for the girls to be photographed and placed on the Mercy NICU Wall of Hope.  Through the March of Dimes, this special project hopes to inspire the hundreds of parents who walk through those unchartered doors of the NICU with so much fear of the unknown with their sick babies.  Our time in the NICU was scary, but we had amazing faith and a wonderful medical team.  Seeing our girls next to other success stories was really emotional.  For the first time in a long time, visiting the NICU was a happy moment in my life.  I had visited in the past, but still the smell of the medical soap, the sounds of the monitors, the big double doors that open and many other reasons really kept me from putting the experience behind me for many reasons.  This was sort of a break through for me that spoke to me in volumes about how far we have come in our journey.  The girls are such miracles that it is hard to imagine that moment in life almost five years ago.  But, it happened and it is always a part of us and now in happy and promising way!

Mercy NICU Reception with Girls


So to wrap up for this post, we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings.  The girls always remind me that giving does not have to be done in big magnitudes or big financial amounts to make an impact or difference in someone’s life.  I challenge each of you to do an unselfish act of kindness for someone you love…or someone you know that needs love.

“In all things..give Thanks.” 1 Thess. 5:18

Love always,

The Coys

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