They remind us to be childlike.

The Lord tells us that “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring are a reward from Him,” Psalm 127. But, how many moms and dads are ready to take a deep breath from the longest winter break on earth? I almost feel guilty saying that it’s time to get back into the swing of things, especially since we all know our time is so precious with our babes.

How many of your children are gonna report to class this week and when their teacher asks, “How was your break? What did you do with your family?,” you know they are going to say, “Well, we really didn’t do much.” ARGGGGG! I have had to remind myself during the trips to the trampoline park, indoor playgrounds, bowling, movies etc., that their little minds may just not remember all the fun things we have done. They may just remember today. They may only tell the teacher what you did the night before or even that morning. All that work to “create memories” and lasting visions of the best Christmas break EVER comes down to “we didn’t do anything!” As frustrating and exhausting as it can be it makes me think about their little short term memories. God wants us to live in the present. He wants us to have a childlike faith and if you ask me, have fun just like a child.

Surprise Oklahoma snow day 2018!

In the grind of the day in and day out with our children, we pour all we have into making sure they have a memorable childhood.

Psalm 139: 13-16 says, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made, your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” Being a parent is so much more than racing around and bouncing from activity to activity. When you stop and think on it, it is overwhelming the responsibility we are charged with from God to raise up these little humans to have character, do the right thing (in the absence of an audience), be kind, love themselves and love others. I am reminded by our parents that the days are long, but the years are short.

First introduction to Santa 2012

This picture reminds me of those memories we strive for rain or shine, too young or not. Looks fun right? Hahaha. It certainly reminds me of all the life that has happen in the middle since 2012. I mean no one wants to be that mom who doesn’t take their kids to see Santa right? But now, I have seven-year-olds who had no interest because they said, “You know that is just a store Santa.” My. Heart. Just. Shattered. That was just a store Santa, but you still LOVE that Elf on the Shelf crap! Excuse me, but that is another example of what we do to create magic in their childhood. Bottom line, I am sure none of us would take it back. I know I would not.

Typical. Emily – Always funny
Avery with her new sweet Luna girl
Camdyn and Murphy

In my rant about raising kids and making sure they are having a blissful life existence, please remember this. Who they are matters, not what they do. Now, please don’t take that the wrong way. I am all for family experiences, traveling, learning, projects, sports and activities etc. Let’s spend 2019 focusing more of the WHO and not so much the WHAT. Hone in on challenging your children to think about others. Teach them how helping humanity makes our world better. Show them love by being love. Being happy. Being healthy YOURSELF. It’s not easy. It’s not easy to be YOU and be there for them. Many of us sacrifice for their well-being over our own. But, let’s remember that God entrusted us with this responsibility to build up our world. To teach more about love. AND to raise these children to know there is always someone who needs someone in their life. It is not just all about them. Remember to give more of what is important to your children, so you can firmly plant your heart in who HE says they are in this world and not who the world says that are supposed to be or do.

More surprise snow ball fights at night (for those who did that as well), random nights out to dinner even when its late, and family personal missions filled with doing for others.

And also, let’s hope they actually tell their teachers they had a great time with their family – if that’s all they do remember!

Love and blessings to you all.

We’re Back! Did you miss us?

Nothing like a two-year hiatus from Life in the Coy Pond right? Do not fret because the Coy family has not been in hiding nor has life slowed down since they entered Kindergarten. My absence in blogging should be an indication that I have yet to get my bearings on this thing called “school” life.

In true triplet fashion, life has come three-times as fast and been filled with three-times as many adventures, memories and challenges.

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

The last time I posted the girls were going into Kindergarten. We survived! We also survived first grade. Now, we have seven going on 17 year-olds. Our biggest change this year has been different classrooms. Per their request, we separated everyone. I knew as a mother it would shake my insides when it came to logistics, such as schedules and homework and parties and volunteering. But, God moved our little family forward and we have done the best we can with grace and patience. They have really come into their own this year. They have wonderful teachers and it has given us an opportunity to see their strengths and where we need to improve on helping them be successful individuals.

As their mother, I have been a little lost this year. God has shown me I cannot be everyone as once. I think this was His plan all along. It has been a tough 2018 on many accords. He always has a bigger plan and I am happy to follow His lead, which is always better than my own. It does take humility and swallowing my own emotions to put His plan above whatever my own may look like for these girls and our family. I am tired. Seems that is an on-going theme since their birth. Physically and emotionally I am just working through how to live in the moment with joy and contentment. I believe most mothers are working through this whether they have multiples or not. How do you stop in the moment and experience joy? How to you listen to God and discern what He wants you to do as you navigate life and motherhood? It is an ongoing challenge I want to continue to explore in 2019.

Emily Ray – Age 7

This beautiful girl is so funny. Quirky and smart and just an all-around crack up. She is working on new songs everyday. Usually songs that don’t make much sense, but if you knew our family (and their daddy) you would not question it much! She is loving basketball and loves her class and all the boys in it as well! Help me Lord!

Avery Lynn- Age 7

Avery is sweet and sensitive and still a rule follower. She is not one to rock the boat, but we are encouraging it. She gets indecisive and has a hard time choosing things for herself. Being in her own class is helping her open up her OWN possibilities and we love seeing her growth.

Camdyn Lea – Age 7

This one I have to watch out for in her tween years! She is a teen in a tiny little body complete with her love for fashion and make-up (in the house that is…) and dreaming of being a grown-up. Oh my sweet child, slow your roll! She is determined and loves her teacher who pushes her out of her comfort zone.

Luna Bear – Age 9 weeks

Lastly and oddly, in comes another living creature into the Coy Pond. Pretty sure some of my last post were about Murphy.

Murphy – Age 3 with her new buddy Luna

My husband thinks I am certifiable. I think I agree. I think I have learned that when life seems unmanageable or God leads us in directions we don’t have control over, I have the need to love and nurture living things. So here we are again with another puppy and more sleepless nights. Remember that thing about joy and contentment? People that know me know I love dogs. The ladies as school see me rolling up with a big 90-lb fur ball in the passenger seat and I think they get how I may be just a little “off.” Chaos is just how we operate. Trust me, I may squeeze in learning my boundaries and limitations and how to NOT take on so much this year. But, let’s be honest mamas, it is highly UNLIKELY!

Wishing you all peace, blessings and good health for 2019! See you soon back the Coy Pond!