“In All Things…Give Thanks”

This year, our little family decided to ring in the season with Thanksgiving cards.  When our world is in such crisis and we all know people hurting in our communities and around the world, it is so important to value what we have right here at home.  I know I am not the only mother that may wake up like Mary Poppins and end the day being Cruela Deville.  There are days that are more ragged than others, go smoother than others and there are days that are just knock dead drag out  days from you know where!  Lately, I have tried to stop more and stare at the girls when they sleep, hone in when they are loving one another when I am not looking, cherishing more of the moments that may not even make sense when they are congested with screams and shrills…fighting and yelling…tears over who knows what.  I am leaning in and loving it all.

I have not posted in a while so I have some catching up to do!  There is no place like home with these little Dorothys.  Yes, they were all Dorothy.  Emily decided she was the first to be Dorothy.  The selling point was definitely Toto in the basket and the red glittery shoes.  The other two quickly changed from mermaids to Dorothy, no questions asked.  Girls and accessories.  Even at four, it is clearly apparent that fashion is important.

Dorothy Halloween 2015Five minutes before we walked out the door to Trick-Or-Treat, Emily decided she wanted to be her own little person with her own ideas and quickly turned into Elsa.  The good thing about not worrying about the costumes is that we have tons of them to choose from.  No harm no foul and everyone was happy!  “Let is Go” Right?

The girls are rockin’ Pre-K!  They love their teachers and they are learning so many amazing things.  The big thing they love is being “the line leader.”  Recently, they all had an opportunity to do what they call “ME Day.”  Their teachers send home a special bag and they get to fill it with what they want to show their class.  What many may see as a simple project for their kids was taken very seriously to mine!  The girls do not get too many opportunities at home to take a hold of something that is just individually “THEIRS.”  A sister is always there to partake.  It was heartwarming to them so proud to show off their favorite things to their classmates.  To be just Avery….Camdyn…Emily.

They all told me, “Mom, I don’t need any help with my homework.”  I wish they did need help, because when they get older and ask for help on that math homework they are going to be up a creek!

Mercy NICU Wall of HOPE

Last night, we were honored to be chosen for the girls to be photographed and placed on the Mercy NICU Wall of Hope.  Through the March of Dimes, this special project hopes to inspire the hundreds of parents who walk through those unchartered doors of the NICU with so much fear of the unknown with their sick babies.  Our time in the NICU was scary, but we had amazing faith and a wonderful medical team.  Seeing our girls next to other success stories was really emotional.  For the first time in a long time, visiting the NICU was a happy moment in my life.  I had visited in the past, but still the smell of the medical soap, the sounds of the monitors, the big double doors that open and many other reasons really kept me from putting the experience behind me for many reasons.  This was sort of a break through for me that spoke to me in volumes about how far we have come in our journey.  The girls are such miracles that it is hard to imagine that moment in life almost five years ago.  But, it happened and it is always a part of us and now in happy and promising way!

Mercy NICU Reception with Girls


So to wrap up for this post, we wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings.  The girls always remind me that giving does not have to be done in big magnitudes or big financial amounts to make an impact or difference in someone’s life.  I challenge each of you to do an unselfish act of kindness for someone you love…or someone you know that needs love.

“In all things..give Thanks.” 1 Thess. 5:18

Love always,

The Coys

CATCH UP! Thursdays with A Trip Continued….Camdyn

I didn’t forget about my little mama Camdyn.  Her day was two weeks ago.  It rained that day so we spent time at the library.

Cam day with Mom June 2015

Who knew just something as simple as the library could be so much fun.  We read books of course…And who would have thought their would be several stations of computers to play on in the library.  Go figure these days right?  We snuggled up in a reading nook and read a few books, but she was more interested in really playing on the computer.  Camdyn is such my little mama. She is always such sweet-natured and worried about others.  With that sweet caring little face comes a lot of sensitivity.  I do adore that about her, but I know that she may be using a little bit of that manipulate me a tad these days.  That manipulation comes especially when she may have done something wrong, been a little too sassy in a response to me or her sisters or ironically it comes out in full form when its time to help pick up!  I got your little number Cam Cam!  None the less, she is a sweet soul and always has been.  She is the first to tell someone they are pretty or she likes something about them (earrings, shirt, painting etc.).  We have had a lot of “She isn’t playing with me,” lately from all of the girls.  Camdyn will run to me and get upset but she doesn’t hesitate to tattle a little too!

Emily had a day last week and chose to swim by herself with me at her Nana’s house.  We packed lunches and just had fun at the pool.  It was totally different with one 4 year old in the water as opposed to three!  Needless to say, those dollars spent on ISR swim training have been valuable and wonderful.

These special one-on-ones with my girls have really been wonderful.  They look forward to them too.  It is really helping me hone in who they are aside from being a triplet.  Who they are as little growing people.  And honestly what their true love language is as a child.  If you have not read, “Love Languages of Children” by Gary Chapman do yourself a favor…And while you are at it, if you haven’t read the “5 Love Languages..” do that too…Its for grown ups!  So many people, as I have stated so many times, believe that somehow they are all the same person because they look the same.  Could not be farther from the truth…and I am loving how they are becoming their own person.

We have been busy like all other families doing fun summer things!  Once I can regroup, I have a lot of thoughts and pics to share…It has been a valuable time of reflection this summer and I want to share some of those thoughts in the future!

Love always from The Coy Pond….

Thursdays with a Trip: Emily’s Day

Emily at Zoo with Mom

Well, here we are again.  Another Thursdays with a Trip edition and this time its with Emily Ray.  Again, I have told the girls they can pick what they wanna do with me within reason.  After Avery came home last week from the zoo, and bragging about it might I add, where do you think Emmie wanted to go?  Yep, we were off to the zoo.  I wasn’t exactly thrilled but I saw it coming.  I had it mapped out this time!  She picked pretty much the same path as Avery so I knew how to stay focused and out of the crowds and heat for as long as we could.

The sea-lion show was first.  As you see in this picture above she picked out a stuffed sea-lion.  Like we don’t enough stuffed animals as it is, I just could not refuse that face when she picked it out.  The magical moment of that was that when I asked her to pick one she responded with, “Well, what about Avery and Camdyn?”  My heart was so happy that considered them first.  Not going to lie, but as much as I wish this was the case with them all the time, don’t get it fooled.  We are not perfect! We are just like all other families and siblings.  We do love to praise them when they shine through and this was one of those moments.  That being said, Em picked out sea lions for each sister and we enjoyed the show.  She constantly wanted to know if I was doing the same exact thing with her as I did with Avery so she wouldn’t feel like she was missing out on anything.

Em and Me at Zoo

Emily is a really funny girl.  She has the quirkiest sense of humor.  Her Daddy and I are both a little strange in humor ourselves so it isn’t surprising.  She has a very creative imagination.  She used to really like to do things on her own and keep to herself. Lately, she has turned into my little show stopper in terms of putting on made up dances and singing shows.  Her Daddy has always called her “Bug” or “Emmie Bug.”  She recently told us she doesn’t like to be called Bug.  Emmie Bug was okay or Tink (which we always thought she was like a little Tinkerbell.)   Already establishing her identity!

Emily looking over fence at zooSince birth, Emily has always been a little fighter.  We also remind her we called her Little Hornet when we first brought her home because that little girl knew how to get so mad so quickly!  My little 2 pound girl is anything of the sorts anymore.  Still a fighter by nature, but a fashionista at heart.  At our house if you see dress up clothes ALL OVER THE PLACE they usually are created by her.  Once they end up back in her room it looks like the floor of a dressing room and nothing that she tried worked!  She has a very creative style that we do have to reel in sometimes when in public but I sure love her charisma.

And…you will never see such a tiny thing put down pizza like she does!  It’s not always great on my waistline, but they love Hideaway pizza.  I mean, who doesn’t?  I don’t weigh 30 pounds though either.

Emily at Hideaway

All in all we had a great day!  It is sure fun to look forward to and its fun to hear them tell stories about their day with me to their sisters and friends at school!  One of the best parts was her running to Avery and Camdyn and telling them she missed them.  Camdyn and Avery had pictures to share they drew for her.  It was a good day 🙂  Those are the moments that make the hair raising, screaming, fighting, tantrums, tears etc…worth every minute of it.  Hopefully, something we teach them is catching on.

Until next Thursday with my Camdyn girl.  I will have to think of something new and exciting about the zoo to tell everyone.  I don’t doubt she already has her mind made up.  I am praying for rain.


Momma to happy and silly little girls

Thursdays with a Trip: Avery’s adventure

Avery zoo 2015

This summer, I am working on a new idea for our ever so delightful threesome.  As any mother knows, it is difficult once you add another child, or two or three or four, to the mix to spend quality time with each individually.  I never really had that alone time with one baby to begin with, so spending individual time with each of my girls is something I really crave.  As blessed as this gift is having triplets I always really missed the opportunity to hold each of them for an extended period of time without one of the others screaming or needing something.  I never had the chance to really stare at them while they were sleeping, because they NEVER DID.  All those first with a newborn you cherish were so crazy and such a blur that I still really need that time with my girls and I think they need it too.

On Thursdays, I will be adventuring with one of the girls to wherever (within reason) they want to go with just ME.  May seem silly to some, but it really is a joy to take a breath and focus on one of them at a time.  You can imagine the process of choosing who goes first right?  I need to post Camdyn’s day which was the week before just by chance…So it was between Emily and Avery.  I made Daddy do this one and they drew names.  Ironically, there were no tears and Emily and Camdyn went to their summer session at their school with smiles and had a great day.

avery and mommy day at the zoo 2015

Avery chose the zoo…with everyone else in the city!  Here we are with our little selfie shot!  She grabbed my hand and my heart already knew it would be a great day.  She instantly picked the sea-lion show, stingray bay and the children’s area to play in the streams and spray grounds.  Avery is typically pretty loud and lately been full of a lot of sass.  As we walked hand in hand, I felt somewhat naked or like I was missing something the whole time.  Oh ya, the other two! Surprisingly, she wanted to hold my hand almost the entire time which was wonderful.  We sat at the sea-lion show and she smiled and was sometimes so quiet that I had to ask her if she was okay.  I began to realize that maybe she is loud to make a point or even to fight her way in the conversation battle for my attention versus her sisters.

Avery with Stingrays

Oddly, I felt a tad more anxious without the girls because I think I was so concerned with pleasing her and making sure she was happy.  We laughed and took our time together.  Then after we left she demanded a Happy Meal for lunch. Shocker!  We went to pick up her sisters.  Emily was so sweet and made Avery a picture.  But, don’t be fooled we were back to our picking on each other ways the minute we stepped into the car.  I just took a deep breath and realized its back to the grind!  I enjoyed our day so much and I am looking forward to another one.  I hope to continue this tradition with them in the future so I intently focus on each girl as an individual. Many people ask me if they are different in their ways.  It’s a little silly because children that are not born on the same day or different right?  I do understand the question though.  They do share some pretty neat DNA.

We teach the girls how lucky they are to be who they are and how they came into this world so miraculously.  It is only human nature to crave for a parent to know who they are in this world, “By Myself.”  Which is what the girls always say. (the By Myself part :)).  Just like Av peaking through this butterfly, the trips all have different colors and different wings that will take them different places in the world.  I am just trying to hold onto what I can before they want to fly off.  We will blink and it we will be there. So I am told by every mother in the world.

Avery with Stingrays

Life’s a dance…you learn as you go…

girls on floor

It’s an old John Michael Montgomery song that says, “Life’s a dance, you learn as you go….sometimes you lead…sometimes you follow..,”  well if that is not the truth lately.  I am more like FOLLOWING these crazy little girls.  Working on my leading!  This year has gone by so incredibly fast and my heart is only preparing for all the others to do so as well.

We ended our year of preschool learning so much.  One of my favorite things has to be them coming home and reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.  It is like I almost anticipated the “INDA_BIZABLE” part and loved it so when they did.   They are working on writing their names and they for sure have a very large version of a capital letter down pat. (Usually taking up the entire page).  Their vocabulary is something that blows my mind.  One day you remember them barely saying a sentence two years ago and the next day they know all the words to Shake it Off!  I hope that is not a precursor to taking after me and my love for useless entertainment knowledge.   I may not be able to remember a chapter I just read of a certain book in middle school or a geometry equation but I could sure remember all the songs that New Kids on the Block sang.  Even 25 years later, I still do.  That part of me and my corny ways is a whole other type of blog!  Below was the first day of preschool in August.  Oh my how they already look so much more mature today!

First day of preschool fall 2014

The girls have enjoyed continuing gymnastics and dance.  Performing was a whole other accomplishment that I am very proud of them doing.  Avery had no problem at their recent first recital standing on the huge stage in front of people.  She doesn’t lack for confidence and that is nothing new!  Camdyn has always been a little shy when it comes to trying new things and she defiantly didn’t care for this something new and scary idea.  Emily, I believe loves to shake her little groove thing, and is totally sassy about it too, but I think just to be in cahoots she joined Camdyn being utterly scared during dress rehearsal.  But, like the soldiers and darling girls they are…show time comes and they are looking for their number one fans in the crowd and they did it!  Not much to expect with four year olds other than them looking adorable in costumes.  Putting makeup on a four year old is another story.  Makeup on three four year olds and being somewhere at a certain time is not my idea of a relaxing hobby.  Dance mother may not be on my resume.


So much talk this year about where we were sending the girls to school when there is still two years away from Kindergarten.  Then as the months went by I realized that the summer of 2016 will be the last summer before the hoopla of REAL school.  In anticipation my heart has been holding them a little closer these days.  This summer I am going to attempt to pick a Thursday each week that I will spend with just one.  Our own little day.  May not be much in the scheme of things but in all things triplets it is going to be pretty fun to have some individual time letting them decide what we are going to do that day.  There is already tears about who is “going first.”

We are blessed with sweet natured children.  Kind and really, really, darn funny.  Along with their obsessions with bathroom humor, we are working on not tattling on each other, “fibbing” to Mom and Dad, and manners.



Recently, we were blessed in our family with the birth of our nephew, Coy.  Yes, there is a boy now in the mix.  Bless his little namesake heart he may not have a chance with all these girls including his big sister Reagan.  She isn’t tough to spot!  Cute little brown haired girl in the middle of all those look alikes.  Of course, holding a little one has made my heart just melt.  Bryan sees that look and has thrown out some, “you are crazy,” comments.  So, I am campaigning for a puppy in the near future instead!  At least they can’t whine and talk back to you!


We are excited for summer and looking forward to our first family vacation in September to Florida.  That blog post would be epic to report on traveling in airports with three four year olds!  But I am really looking forward to the memories.

Blessings and good luck to all the mamas who will be home ALL summer, EVERY DAY, ALL DAY, with their kiddos again. Hehehe.  We are all in this world of organized chaos.  Most days, there is no where else I would rather be!

And then they were….FOUR

Ballet party - girls together

The past two years have flown by as we have watched these precious girls grow up before our eyes.  The first two years didn’t go by as fast. Haha.  I have many people ask me what is harder, when they were babies or now.  I actually think that now is when the real work begins.  The lessons, the guidance, the discipline, and the strides and milestones.  We focused so much on their actual physical growth for so long since they were so tiny at birth.  Now, we see these little girls who baffle us with their words and make us laugh with their actions.  I will have to also admit, they make us tear our hair out at times too.

As we move forward into these next years, I like any parent, just wants their babies to be happy.  I want the girls to love each other and love themselves, but I know that realistically those probably will all have their off days too.   In a world full of messages about how to dress, how to act and what to do, I pray I have the wisdom to instill values that are consistent to helping have a happy heart to lead them down a great path in life.

Birthday Girls with Candle

But, let’s face it.  At four, we care about playing dress up, watching cartoons, crafting, going to dance and gymnastics and seeing friends.  We also care about picking on each other and fighting relentlessly for our attention.   So, in the midst of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and Calliou, I am taking lessons from ole’ Mister Rogers and Calliou’s Mommy and Daddy, who ALWAYS WEAR THE SAME CLOTHES (They must have taken notes from other stay-at-home parents), so I know how to deliver and lay down the law.  Ya right!  I think I am successful at getting their actual attention half the time but I am working on pulling up my exhausted boot straps and getting back on the horse to not let these princesses dominate the castle.


They are funny.  Say the darndest things.  Amazing cuddlers.  Kind hearts.  Still don’t care to sleep much.  Don’t turn down a treat.  Most definitely have their Daddy’s humor and maybe Mommy’s weirdness…and never meet a stranger (which we will have to work on stranger danger more because they just love people…period…). But most of all…they are ALL MINE.  What I would have given to see into my future years ago to witness this journey unfold.  Who knows if I would have ran in the other direction instead of choosing baptism by fire.  As I have learned and stated before, God always is never wrong.  He never makes a mistake.  My four-year-olds are the most precious gift this gal could ask for and I hope they continue to be a gift to this world.

Avery,Camdyn and Emily – You provide what I never knew I needed in my life until you came along.  You make me feel like I truly did something magical and right with my life.  You force me to be young, strong and stay on my toes.  You make me love harder, pray more steadfast, and have changed my need to have everything perfect the first time.  My imperfect life was made perfect the moment you were conceived.  I am so grateful for you crazy four-year-olds!

Avery       Camdyn  Emily

Christmas is always 3 times the FUN!

Santa Visit 2014

Where have my babies gone?  These big girls sitting with Santa and telling him “We are going to leave you cookies!!!”  This year, I am really excited for Christmas.  It is the first year since they were born that we have really enjoyed the Christmas spirit of things and I really think it will be a blast with them.  Don’t get me wrong….Every year is a great year with your children, but year one…see picture below.  Here is the girls their first time visiting Santa in 2011.  I am not sure how much of those ten months to that point I remember!

Pic with Santa

Bloomer pic at Christmas

Always loved this picture! Cute little tushies.

santa pic 2012

And, this was Christmas 2012.  That was a real treat.  This is a photo to remember for the books.  That is about what life was like at that point with one and half-year old triplets!


And this is about when it started getting really fun during the holidays.  Look at those darling curly afros! When they want to these sisters are so sweet to each other.  This was Christmas last year at two and a half years.


Right before Christmas last year.  They still look like babies to me.  Insert tears here.

But, as my girls grow something magical is happening.  We are settling in with our family after years of chaos and trying to learn the ropes.  We are really getting to know who our babies are becoming in this world and it is truly magical.  Sweet souls, nurturing hearts, stubborn little mules (who knows who they get that from. insert my picture here), goofy and silly, creative and spunky and learning so much about the world they cannot stop talking!  We have decorating cookies, talked about Jesus and the real reason we celebrate Christmas, purchased gifts for children in need (which they loved doing and never wondered why the toys were not for them), been to see Santa, looked at Christmas lights, went to our first Thunder game, and now we cannot wait to celebrate with our families.

Christmas 2014

Age 3.5…Christmas season 2014

As we reflect on the meaning of Christmas, I thank God for his Son Jesus.  As a parent, you think of God giving his only son to the world.  As a parent you know when your children have special qualities but can you imagine the magic God felt in his heart and what he knew his son would do for the world?  Children give us so much to reflect on and take us back to simpler times especially during the holidays.  It is a time to smile, share laughter, be silly, have a heart for those in need, pray for those who face challenges and health concerns and truly be thankful for each of our blessings before we close out another year.

From the Coy crew, we wish everyone a very Merry CHRISTmas and a happiest of celebrations with family and friends!  I am sure ours will be filled with Mom and Dad trying to figure out what to do with all the “blessings” Mimi and Papa and Nana and Papa give the girls…As well as good ole’ Santa Claus.

Does it get easier? Uhhhh…no, just busier!

girls summer 2014

How in the world with these beautiful faces could I dare complain about the life of raising triplets?  Ya, ya, I know they are pretty darn cute.  I have not posted since June.  If I were a hired writer on a deadline I would be totally fired by now!  Just kidding, I am a little more responsible than what I am alluding to.  These beautiful, hilarious, zany, witty, emotional little girls are the light of our lives.  I find myself really zeroing in on their unique personalities and wonder how in the world did I ever have these tiny whittle babies three and half years ago.   These darling girls make me want to be on my A game all the time.  I want them to remember a childhood where they had parents that were happy and funny and fun to be around.  Who doesn’t want their parents to read in a funny voice or sing a Disney song for 7,000th time, or shake their booty in the living room in the middle of the day?  The more they grow the more my heart begins to feel this overwhelming responsibility to show them life’s lessons.  I start thinking about matters of the heart, explaining heartbreak, why people are mean sometimes, why it is important to love yourself and love others, and why it is important to love and honor God.  Deep stuff right?  Well, when you think they don’t grasp certain things then they will come to you and ask why your old dog is in Heaven.  Gulp.   Trying to be simple with a three-year old teaches you a lot of things.  Simplicity is one. Over thinking  it is left for adults 🙂  I pray at night for the strength to make it through the moments where I need to have the right words and the moments where I don’t.  But, for now…we keep it simple.

Life is nothing but simple in this house!  We have started preschool, dance, soccer (ugh) and gymnastics.  We have gone to the dentist for the first time.  Started riding bikes.  Soccer was really a big fat mistake.  Lots of tears on the field.  Camdyn would only kick the ball at kick off.  They just didn’t like the contact part of the sport at all.  But, at least we tried something new!  Thank goodness our buddy Hazel knows how to score a goal.  All of the team’s goals!  They are doing great in Preschool.  Coming home saying the Pledge, telling me about our American and Oklahoma flags, singing a prayer they sing before their lunch about God, learning their letters and lots and lots of creative art projects.  Dance they absolutely love.  Maybe its the dressing up in the leotard or maybe the shoes, who knows but they love it.  We are also back at gymnastics which they did all last year and having a ball.

First day of preschool fall 2014

Emily, Avery and Camdyn..and baby…First Day of Preschool. Aug. 2014

girls in dance outfits for first time 2014

Our little tiny dancers.  Emmie always loves to dress a little different 🙂 Love this pic of them.

Girls on bikes october 14

Fun moment!

So remember that A game I was referring to?  No time in this house to be down, sick or just having a bad day.  We are on the go and I just take it in stride with these chatty cathys right beside me.  I am a very lucky mommy to be at home with the girls.  Is it taxing?  Absolutely.  I read so many mommy blogs about how emotionally draining it is to really be a mom and they ain’t kiddin!  We look forward to making memories with friends and family this season.  Family is one of the cornerstone’s of Bryan and I’s marriage and we love being able to share our lives on a daily and weekly basis with our parents (their grandparents), extended family and close friends.  And like most families know, it takes a village to raise children!. We have been a “welcome all hands on deck” sort of family.  The girls get amazing moments like this one with my dad, their Papa Bill.  Who would know these girls love fishing!

Girls fishing with Papa Bill

Emmies first fish with papa bill 2014

Emmie caught the first fish!

As much as we can slow down and take in the sun and enjoy our daughters, we do.  Bryan and I may be exhausted, but we are blessed with special memories and more adventures yet to come.

bryan with the girls 2014

Just a Daddy and his girls

Me and Girls with Sunglasses summer 2014

It may take sometimes months to get around to writing about monumental moments in our lives because sometimes I can’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning..besides a cup of coffee.  The moments sometimes remain on my mind and I have the good intention of getting them down and point blank..life happens again. In this house it is the word MOM, MOMMY or MAMA!!!!  How many times can you say it?  I stopped counting.  But it is a privilege to live it and I try to make a point to have a happy heart about that most days 🙂

Summer fun in full swing

Princess Picture 2014

Well, summer 2014 is definitely in full swing in the Coy household.  Having three, three-year-olds, I feel I am constantly looking for ways to entertain them.  We have been to Frozen princess birthday parties, starting swimming, play dates with friends, trips to the zoo, trips to the park to feed the ducks, lots of coloring and painting….the list I know will continue to grow and we are only technically into week two.  Oh, we went and had our first manicure and pedicure!  That was pretty cute.  I may have started something a little early since I got my first manicure maybe my junior or senior year of high school for prom!  Starting them at three may run me into some big expectations 🙂

The girls are silly and full of energy.  The things these girlies say just crack me up.  Camdyn told me the other day my new kitchen table set was “soooo cute Mommy.”  She may have also told me it was “awesome!”  My little cheerleader for sure.  Emmie is being a tad sass-a-frass lately.  I think she goes through these periods to where she wants to make sure her patient little voice is heard and believe me Buggie, we hear you!  Avery has been so darn silly.  Just says goofy things and knows how to make herself laugh.  She is my one by the end of the day she is delirious with the giggles.

The following is a look into our lives the past few weeks in pictures! Enjoy and Happy Summer!


The girls with their gymnastics coach Miss Courtney


High flying Cam Cam


Silly Emmie


Go Avery Go!

Camdyn first manicure

Camdyn picked PURPLE nail polish of course…Her favorite

Avery first manicure

This Miss Avery picked all her nail polish the second it dried.  Not very patient, not surprising 🙂

Emmie first manicure

Emmie picked BLUE…Her favorite color

Girls with Hallie and Rex

Fun at Martin Nature Park with our buddies Hallie and Rex

Fun with friends at the park

Feeding the ducks at Hafer Park with our friends Harper, Tatum and Emma.  Yep, that’s six three-year olds you see!!!

An egg-celent place to be right now…

my girls

Don’t let these darling little faces fool you….Okay, yes, they fool their own mama every single day.  All things THREE is pretty interesting.   It’s also pretty hilarious.  You would think I live with three little boys with all the “bathroom” talk that is happening in this house. The girls think certain words are just sooo funny.  I am sure I will get a call from someone at their Mother’s Day Out telling me that one of them called someone else “Poopy diarrhea.”  Yep, those are my little angels.

We are in a phase where they are über sensitive and also filled with some quite intense attitude!  We can go from happy to full on tantrum in zero point two seconds.  It is a gift.  I must have three brilliant young actresses on my hands.  But, we also hear a lot of “I love you’s” too which melt away any day full of hair pulling and sassy back talk!

The girls are in a phase they DO NOT like people dressed up in costume.  First, it was a duck at a birthday party.  The duck even politely took off his big ole’ head and revealed that SHE was not a real duck.  That didn’t go over well either.  Then, it was Batman.  In their defense this Batman was very authentic looking.  All black costume and fully masked.  He did amazing face painting, but that even caused a meltdown because then we feared the little Hulks and Spidermans running around.  And lastly, the Easter bunny.  Ladies at their MDO said they nailed the egg hunt, but that all ended when they spied the Easter bunny.


Emmie Bug

Update on the Bug: (That’s our little Emily)

Emily weighed in at a whopping 26lbs at her three-year appointment.  She was 37 inches tall.  She falls into the 5-10% for weight.  My little 2 lb baby is rocking the socks off of three.  She is so smart and really creative.  She is tougher than nails this one.  We recently experienced our first loose tooth.  Down the slide with sister is a way to get your mouth bonked and a tooth come loose.  She did a great job at her first dental appointment.  We hope that it will hang on for another few years at least!  No major damage.  But, I see you eyeing her lip in this picture.  Bug is a tiny little one and sometimes she creeps up on you.  I was holding Camdyn and completely tripped over her on the floor.  Mother of the Year for basically kicking my daughter in the face.  Emmie loves books too.  She will pick one for you to read and want to make sure that it stays on her bed at night.


Avery the Actress

Avery has acquired quite a vocabulary. She is my darling that I can carry on a decent conversation with.  She is really ornery.  She will deliberately look at you when you ask something of her and do the exact opposite.  She is my child who is looking for the reaction.  But I have to admit that is something I really love about her.  She may push my boundaries but she seeks emotion and demands attention!  Avery was 30 lbs and 37 3/4 inches tall at her check up.


Camdyn or “Cama-lee” as her sister Emily calls her…

Update on Camdyn:

Camdyn is always right in the middle…28lbs and 37 1/4 inches tall.  I don’t see her as a typically middle child though.  She is still very motherly.  She tells her sisters that it will “Be okay…” and she is always finding a way to make someone happy.  She makes the silliest faces and is a total goof ball.  One thing that is very out of character for her as of late is this screaming act.   Not sure if it is a way to garner attention, but it is very scary at times as she breaks into her best episode of Mommy Dearest and acts out the wire hanger scene.  Then its back to wrapping up her babies in a swaddle.  Maybe she is learning to be a desperate housewife like her momma.  Haha.

Overall, things are calm in this house.   Words I should have never said out loud!  We are looking forward to our first family vacation this weekend.  Just a short trip down I-35.  Three three-year olds in the car and staying in a hotel room should be interesting.  But just like all of our adventures we are making some awesome memories to cherish.